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    GregoryWak reacted to cucciolagigio in Manually clear cache - why?   
    I've had a paying Wise Care account for a few years now and run an automatic clean-up every morning at 7 when I'm already online.
    For the last week or so the process runs smoothily until it's time to clear up whatever it found during the process, and inevitably it tells me I need to manually clear up cache and cookies.
    This was always done automatically until about a week ago.
    Is it a glitch or is it intentional?
    If the latter you really need to state it somewhere because people are likely to become confused especially if they've been using your software for a while.
    Thank you!
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    GregoryWak reacted to Wise_EPL in Assistance Removed from WiseCare 365   
    Why was the "Assistance" button removed from WiseCare 365? Will I still get notifications on my desktop from Euask?
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    GregoryWak reacted to Wise_EPL in WiseCare 365 V5 Beta?   
    Are yens going to have a WiseCare 365 v5 Bata come out b4 official version  ? If so, when is that happening  ?
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    GregoryWak reacted to payne in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    I am happy to help ..The program shows very well and does a good job, in addition to the advice already given memory improvement in cleaning the junk files and registry and repair missing DLL,for future projects do not recommend to integrate a spyware scanning as do many super utility, I find it useless and superficial
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    GregoryWak reacted to jgt1942 in Does WC 365 Pro alter MS Word recent list   
    For several months my MS 2013 Word recent list and pinned list keep disappearing. Does WC 365 Pro alter the list? Often when I do have a recent list section some of the documents I have not opened in years. I've been trying to determine what application is at fault but so far I cannot determine what is altering the list(s). I'm running Win 8.1 x64 PRO and WC 365 Pro 3.8.2.
    I just attempted to paste the two keys in the post but it will not. I've got the two keys in the clipboard, I right-click, select Paste but nothing is pasted. If I go to another webpage that has a form that I can complete I can past the keys in the form thus the issue seems to be with the WC forum? Or am I doing something wrong? As a workaround I entered XXX and then used the replace function, the keys follow-
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\Place MRU .
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\File MRU
    The past ICON in the topic window does not work for me.
    I was using IE as the browser, I just tried the past function using Chrome and it worked. Normally I use Chrome but when I clicked on the W icon in WC it opened IE rather than my default browser. 
    I just checked the Exclusion list in WC and I see that Office has been excluded, based on this WC should not be modifying anything in office. Following is the exclusion.
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    GregoryWak reacted to vag32 in Real Time Protection and VeraCrypt   
    Hi,   My Windows 7 is encrypted with VeraCrypt, but I think because of real time protection may have affected an encrypted partition.   Well, I had to perform a restore and this partition would not open without the Wise installed received a message that is "System Event Notification Service" can not be started.   Does "real time protection" function could be affected? Anyway it came only happen when installed Wise Care.  
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    GregoryWak reacted to Jessia_1115 in No boot time notification after update to 4.27   
    Just updated to 4.27. But when I restart my PC, no boot time notification. very sad.
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    GregoryWak reacted to MilesAhead in Nag Screen   
    I have tried various Wise cleaner products both Free and Pro(via giveaway) and like most of the utilities. However I am not a fan of resident utilities that "protect" or monitor the system etc..
    The short of it is I am trying to revert from a Wise Cleaner 365 Pro giveaway version to the Free Portable version. Mainly I use the Registry Cleaner and on occasion the Reg Defrag. Here is my problem. No matter that I uninstall the Pro version, scrub the registry, install the free version portable and not portable.. no matter what I get the Nag Screen from about 2 months out from expiration date.
    This does not make it fun to use the software. Since the registry is scrubbed I have to assume one of the Giveaway versions installed something on my system to cause any version of the program to "call home" and hook up with the database there.
    I do not expect to get the Pro version for free forever. But I would like to get the Free version for Free. Now I am in the position of being worse off than anyone who never tried the Pro version and just happily used the Free version. It seems counterintuitive as a marketing technique, not to mention annoying.
    So is there any way to scrub the malware from my system?
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    GregoryWak reacted to AragornPT in new WiseBootAssistent service set to "automatic"   
    Since version 4.23, the wiseboot assistent is now a service. (boottime.exe) . If this service is only needed to measure the boot time, why not implement a routine to shutdown it after the boot? It's not a good implementation having a service running all the time if it's only needed on system startup, I think... Any sugestions?
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    GregoryWak reacted to IainSanders in WiseCare Turnoff?   
    The current version of WC365 is 'permanently ena\bled' on my XP.  How can it be turned off - & consume less memory?  Can find nothing in Settings..  Thanks.
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    GregoryWak reacted to TFU_2013 in Startup Manager - delayed startup   
    Re: Startup Manager window (under System Tuneup)
    I would like to suggest that in addition to on/off button, it will be possible to use a third option a.k.a. Delayed Startup.
    The Delayed Startup could be: 1 min; 2 min; 3 min; etc.
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    GregoryWak reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Care 365 feature requests, suggestions, updated translations   
    Hey djdanby,
    You're welcome!
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    GregoryWak reacted to zele in Problem with a widget   
    Hi. I have such problem: At turning on of the computer a widget always over windows though the tick isn't necessary. What with it to do?

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    GregoryWak reacted to User265 in Too Many Wise Care 365 Trays on my Notification and Actions screen   
    Seems that every time I turn on my system, I get another Wise Care 365 Tray icon on my Notification and Actions screen in Windows 10.  Anyway to keep it to one?  I have right clicked on the icon which does nothing, and I am at my wits end.  I started with about 3 icons and now I have over 25 icons.  Can someone help!  Thanks!!! 

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    GregoryWak reacted to sony in wrong temperature scala in german language or european area   
    i use wise care 365 v3.98 and in german language shows me the wrong temperature skala with Fahrenheit.
    i mean in whole europe there are not Fahrenheit for temperature but rather Grad Celsius!
    here the pic:

    i dont know what 83 °F is --> in ° C?  =33?
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    GregoryWak reacted to wisecleaner_admin in FAQ - How to activate Wise Care 365 Pro   
    Many user purchase Wise Care 365 Pro, or get a free key, but they don't know how to enter key to activate Pro version.
    If you are one of them, follow me!
    1) Download and install the latest version of Wise Care 365. (If you have installed Wise Care 365, skip this step)
    2) Run Wise Care 365
    3) Click “Full version” button on the upper right.
    4) Enter your name, email, and your license key (copy & paste) in the form.
    5) Click 'Register'to activate the full version.
    6) If you still don't clearly, please call our 24x7 line for help.
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    GregoryWak reacted to Lacn in Portuguese (Portugal) translation   
    I translate to portuguese the Wise apps there are several years.
    I use to update the translations and send them by email but, sometimes, despite the timely sendings, the new versions don't include the updated translations.
    It's the case of Wise Care 365 v4.1.3 that don't include the last updated translation for v4.1.1 sended on March,24.
    To avoid outdated translations, I will post them in the forum too and they will be available for download to the users who want to use them.
    Luis Neves
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    GregoryWak reacted to jaydpiii in Printer?   
    It could be a coincidence, however ...
    Since I recently installed and ran WiseCare Pro on both my laptop and my desktop, my computers cannot see my networked printer and my printer cannot see them.  I have a work laptop without WiseCarePro and it can see the printer and the printer can see it.  My printer, desktop, and work laptop are all hard-wired, ethernet, my laptop is wireless. 
    Any suggestions how to fix?  I do not ant to have to use a USB to transfer all files to print, then carry the usb across the house to my home office, wake up work laptop, plug in the USB, and then print the requisite file(s).  Help?  I did run Wise Care Pro to reset windoes with the Wise Care 1st Aid so wondering IF something has to be reinstalled? 
    The printer is still listed in printers and Devices of Windows 7 OS.  And document programs can see the installed printer on the computer, but does not see the actual printer on the network, it appears ... :(
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    GregoryWak reacted to Wise_EPL in WiseCare 365 V5 Commimg?   
    When will V5 of WiseCare 365 come out?
    And just out of curiosity, will a V4 License key work w/ WiseCare 365 V5 or will a customer need to buy a new key once V5 is out? 
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    GregoryWak reacted to payne in Suggestions for newly released Wise Care 365 v3   
    which version are we? on the website it says 3:35 but when I downloaded the product for the assistance of a PC gives me 3:41
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    GregoryWak reacted to geogeo.gr in Greek language   
    Update Greek translation to Wise Care 365 4.6.304
    Wise Care 365_greek.zip
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    GregoryWak reacted to JSteed in Access Violation   
    Access violation at address 00431b03 module "WiseBooster.exe". Read of address 005c50a4

    I am using:

    WiseCare 365 3.9.3 Pro
    My Laptop:

    Windows 7 professional 64-bit SP1
    Intel Core i5 @ 1,70Ghz\
    8g ram
    Hewlett Packard 2282 (Mother Brd)
    I know it's an older version of WISE CARE Pro, but I got this PRO version Free from Majorgeeks as a Christmas present Last year. They had a give-away promotion or something like that. Basically it was free and they said I would not be able to upgrade unless I buy the pro version.
    Is upgrading the only fix for this? It just started giving me this annoying error message when I booted up today.
    Thank you For your help,
    J Steed
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    GregoryWak reacted to WiseCleaner in Windows 10 & Wisecleaner Software incompatible?   
    Hi All,
    Recently, we got some feedback about Wise Care 365, Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner can't be
    compatible with Windows 10. Have you also encountered the same issue? If yes, please help us to know it clearly
    with your screenshots and detailed steps.
    In return, we will free send you a license key of any our paid product (Wise Care 365 Pro, Wise Folder Hider Pro, Wise Video Converter). And the type of the key is from 3 months to 1 year according to your feedback. If you are the paid users,
    we would like to extend the using time of your license key.
    You can write to [email protected] or leave a message here.
    Looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance  
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    GregoryWak reacted to PWT1000 in Latest Update Today Shows Wrong Windows Update File Sizes   
    I installed the lastest Wise 365 update today & shortly after did a Windows Update, the sizes of the residual files & Wallpaper are hundreds of GiGs wrong, it was OK before the 365 update Not a major issue though. Enclosed a screenshot. Thanks.

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