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  1. @tipstir Thanks for your feedback. We will check for it.
  2. Hello Rajat16, Thanks for your feedback. Can you give me a screenshot of the message you received?
  3. Hello, As far as I know, the optimization items of Wise Care 365 don't affect the physical network band. Please refer to this page, maybe it can help you. https://wisecleaner.blogspot.com/2019/02/how-to-determine-whether-network.html
  4. Hello, Please select the items you want to reverse, click the button "System Default" at the bottom, then please reboot the system.
  5. Hi xilolee, Thanks for your feedback. we will fix it in the next version,
  6. Hi xilolee, Thanks for your feedback. I will forward it to the developer team. Yes, it is correct. If the user doesn't like the Quick Search, he can uncheck the option "Run Quick Search" in the Menu.
  7. Hi xilolee, Thanks for your feedback, we will improve it in the next version.
  8. Hi xilolee, Long time no hear you, how are you. Thanks for your feedback, we will improve it in the next version.
  9. Hello, The last dialogue window during the installation has two options, Run Wise Memory Optimizer, and Open a webpage. there was a small problem with the website of WiseCleaner yesterday. We have solved it. Don't worry about it.
  10. DIY Tips: How to Make Your Own Theme of Wise Care 365 It would be a pleasure to see your favorite picture become the theme of Wise Care 365. You know what? You can do it all by yourself! It's easy & fast! Let's get started. Step-1: Get the template files here. 1. Download the skin template files package here WiseCare365Theme-Template-File.zip 2. Unzip it to a folder called "newskin". Step-2: Replace the pictures. 1. Open the "newskin" folder, you'll find the following files: (1) skin.ini (2) MainFrame (folder with 10 files) (2.1) checkup.png (2.2) CheckUpButton.png (2.3) frame.png (2.4) privacy_protection.png (2.5) preview.png (2.6) system_cleanup.png (2.7) system_monitoring (2.8) system_tuneup.png (2.9) tabbg.png (2.10) wise_utilities.png (2.6) btn.png 2. Please replace the pictures above with the ones you have prepared for the new theme. (The files with the suffix of *.jpg & *.png are pictures.) This time we only try to make simple skin, so please just simply replace the pictures named frame.png and preview.png. 3. Notice: a. Please keep your new picture the same name and format as the replaced. b. The size of the picture preview.png cannot be changed. (60x60 pixels) c. For aesthetic reasons, the sizes of other pictures can be changed but not suggested. Only original size or minor modification is suggested. Step-3: Modify the configuration file. Please open the skin.ini file to modify the configuration information needed. 1. Name= (the name of your DIY theme) 2. Author= (the author name you prefer to display) 3. Comment= (introduction of the theme) Step-4: Wrap the skin files. 1. Select all the files and right-click to open the context menu. 2. Then click add to archive. 3. Please refer to the screenshot. Fix the archive format to *.zip and type the file name above it. 4. Click OK to complete the process. Step-5: Modify the suffix of the zip file. Please change the file type *.zip to *.wskn and save the change. Step-6: Start to use the skin. 1. On your desktop, right-click the icon of Wise Care 365 and click Open file location on the context menu. 2. Open the folder Themes and copy the new.wskn file from step-5 to this folder. 3. Open Wise Care 365, click Theme button. 4. Click the newly added theme. 4. Voila! Enjoy! ------------------------
  11. Hello, Sorry about that. Windows Defender (actually it is SmartScreen) doesn't recognize Wise Care 365 due to the new digital signature which WiseCleaner applied it from this April. Don't worry about that, please choose "Run anyway".
  12. Hello, What do you mean "disappeared"? Change to the Free version? You can send the details to support@wisecleaner.com
  13. Hello, Sorry, we missed your message. Yes, we have this feature in Wise Care 365 - Common Cleaner.
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