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  1. Hello! If you know the publisher, the program and its location (because you use it often or all the days, and you tested it with your antivirus or virustotal): tick the checkbox "no longer show this location" and click allow.
  2. WRC 11.02.712 portable version, same computer, all items, (fast, safe or deep???) scan. Scan started 07:58:10 PM - 19:58.10 (CEST - Italian time) Scan aborted 08:19:30 PM - 20:19:30 (it was checking empty keys) 21 minutes and 20 seconds (1280 seconds) and the scan didn't finish... WRC 8.83.563 portable version, same computer, all items, deep scan. Scan started 20:20:10 Scan finished 20:21:19 248 problems found in 69 seconds. WRC user guide refers to wise registry cleaner X, where fast and deep scan are available.
  3. Hi! I don't have AVG. You could try to untick "check for new version" in wise registry cleaner options, and see if this stops the AVG alarm.
  4. Hi WiseCleaner_Admin (Ivan?)!!! Downloaded, installed, created portable v., uninstalled, tried the portable v. It takes minutes when it inspects the uninstaller section, then it stops with an error. I tried to exclude the uninstaller section, but it still gives error. I tried to exclude the startup programs, but it still gives error. And so forth... I noticed "IE url history" (available in settings) is not on the list and I tried to untick it, but it didn't help. You should have received almost 10 dumps. By the way, I compared WRC8 vs WRC10 vs WCare365, and WRC8 still rocks! wrc08 default scan 37s 20 problems wrc10 custom area 37s 20 problems wc365 default scan 36s 20 problems wrc08 deep scan 64s 31 problems wrc10 deep scan 72s 31 problems wc365 deep scan 101s 33 problems
  5. Hi cloverdavid! What was your previous account? I could check it. What version of windows are you using? What version of wise care 365 are you using? What version of thunderbird are you using? By the way, I ran wise care 365 common cleaner scan, exported and examined the results, but I didn't find any files related to thunderbird. I did the same with wise care 365 registry cleaner: nothing. Then I played with thunderbird drafts columns and ran the same wise care 365 scans again, exported the results and compared them with previous results. Still nothing related to thunderbird. Then, I cleaned both results, re-opened thunderbird. Still nothing. Given that I'm using firefox (maybe related to thunderbird), I closed this same window where I'm writing and ran another scan. This time I removed everything (before, I had firefox opened). Still nothing. Finally, I ran the checkup and clicked FIX. Still nothing. The draft columns are still like I moved them. Using W10 22H2 19045.2846, wise care 6.5.3, thunderbird 102.10.1 x64 (i.e., all latest versions)
  6. Hi! I tried to install razer cortex, installed, tried the program right now and I found these problems: There is not a portable edition. The installer requires an internet connection, i.e. I have to disable the firewall (or I should have created a rule for it). I can not modify the installation path: it's just c:\program files (x86)\razer or nothing. After its start, he asked my razer credentials (that I don't have). There are advertisements. It does not show you the results clearly. It does not allow you to export the results to a file. It allows you to select backup files; it finds 195 283 files (most are in c:\windows\servicing\LCU). I am not going to let him delete all those files, without seeing them first. I was going to uninstall it and it offered an update: couldn't it install the updated program right away?
  7. Hi guys, hi wisecleaner_admin! Usercustom.ini isn't working, i.e. it doesn't appear in the GUI.
  8. Thank you! Anyway, I think (for an user that uses the free version) it would be better to open a message box saying "This feature is available in the pro version". In the registration form, I wasn't able to use the paste function (with the right-click) and I wasn't allowed to write @ (in the email entry). The same happened with WRC and WFH.
  9. Hi! FrmWDFMain.btnKeepOne.Caption=Keep one In the interface, it is in bottom-left corner (after a search). What should it do? Currently, it opens the register window.
  10. Hi! UnMonitor.exe saves *.file, *.file.list, *.reg in the program folder, instead than in the backup folder. Also, if filenames would be the name of the program uninstalled instead than casual numbers, it would be nicer.
  11. Yes, but the other wise programs shows them. Therefore, these about windows are littler than usual. ?
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