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  1. Thank you! Anyway, I think (for an user that uses the free version) it would be better to open a message box saying "This feature is available in the pro version". In the registration form, I wasn't able to use the paste function (with the right-click) and I wasn't allowed to write @ (in the email entry). The same happened with WRC and WFH.
  2. Hi! FrmWDFMain.btnKeepOne.Caption=Keep one In the interface, it is in bottom-left corner (after a search). What should it do? Currently, it opens the register window.
  3. Hi! UnMonitor.exe saves *.file, *.file.list, *.reg in the program folder, instead than in the backup folder. Also, if filenames would be the name of the program uninstalled instead than casual numbers, it would be nicer.
  4. Yes, but the other wise programs shows them. Therefore, these about windows are littler than usual. ?
  5. About window: "current version" and "support email" aren't completely readable (in Italian). Resolution 1024x768 W10 20H2 Buld 19042.630 Same issue in Wise Duplicate Finder and Wise AD Cleaner.
  6. Hi! When I hover the mouse over menus, then I move the mouse pointer down, balloon tips remain visible even when I minimize the program to the toolbar. Other programs with the same issue: - Wise Duplicate Finder - Wise Folder Hider - Wise Jet Search - Wise Registry Cleaner X - Wise Reminder
  7. Solution 4: Download https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.5.9.554.zip (Wise Care 365 5.5.9 portable). Or check the download center for the most recent version. Extract its files with windows explorer or your preferred "zip program" (7-zip, peazip, and so forth). Place Wise Care 365 folder where you prefer and start using it!
  8. There should be a bug with this program: after a search, the system is unresponsive. I got the same problem with wise care 365 - privacy protector - disk eraser (that performs the search on its own).
  9. You ought to check your ISP webpage and then check what values they declare. As an example, my ISP says "VELOCITÀ CONNESSIONE INTERNET Download fino a 1 Giga. Upload fino a 300 mega FTTH" ("internet speed" up to 1Gbit/s in downstream, up to 300Mbit/s in upstream - with fiber optics inside the house FTTH).
  10. Hi! When changing language, the language in "quick search" window won't be updated. And when closing the main window, the "quick search" window won't be closed: I'd add an option to close it together with the main window.
  11. Hi! Slight problem in the about window (already reported in first post):
  12. Hi! The new string "FrmAbout.lblWarning.caption" about copyright isn't translated (in the about window).
  13. Hi! Slight problem in the about window and in main window buttons:
  14. Show the error/s and export the results on your machine, then post them here.
  15. Except that wise data recovery is not wise care 365... I move this topic in "other wisecleaner products".
  16. Scan in real time isn't available in the free version, obviously.
  17. Hi! Wise Anti Malware or what program?
  18. It seems now it works also for me, finally. There are still some small problems: - Main window: when I click on the taskbar icon, the main window appears. But then I can't minimize it with another click, i.e. the main window remains visible. - Quick check: it still searches privacy risks, temporary files, browser caches, registry entries, even after I excluded them from settings - quick check. (But it worked after I closed and reopened the main window). But after a reboot, the settings are forgotten by the program. - Quick check (before the check, using Ita): When I change language from Ita to Eng, "last system scan" and "last database update" remain in Ita. - Quick check: "last system scan" isn't updated to the last scan (it says 27 May 2018) - Quick check (after the check, using Ita): I change language and the string "controllo terminato" isn't translated ("checkup has finished"). - Quick check (after the check, using ita): If I change the language, Ita to Eng, the entries remain in Eng until I pass the mouse over them. - Tray icon: The entries remain always in the same language in which I start the program. If I start in Eng and switch to Ita, the entries will be in Eng.
  19. The new information button showed the offer in Chinese, instead than in English.
  20. Version 2.81 wasn't able to check the new version 2.82. I had to discover it directly in its webpage. (Then download it, install it, generate the portable version, substitute the previous version files, uninstall the installed version).
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