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  3. Updated translation for v6.1.2 Tradução actualizada para a v6.1.2Portuguese(Portugal).zip
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  6. Oh, I checked the speed of scanning and cleaning of two programs simultaneously and individually to choose the better program. And I saw that CCleaner scan fast but delete traces very slowly and Wise Care 365 scan and remove the caches, traces quickly. Moreover, I will send you Vietnamese translation of Wise Care 365 v6.1.2 soon.
  7. I don't think it is a compatible issue, but it possibly relates to your computer performance. Running two programs at the same time for scanning and cleaning is meaningless for testing. Why not run them separately?
  8. I am testing the effectiveness when I run Piriform CCleaner and Wise Care 365 at the same time. After I deleted the traces and cookies, I saw that both apps found and removed traces, caches, cookies slower. So does Wise Care 365 conflict with CCleaner?
  9. No it doesn't delete that folder I had to use Windows 11 Pro and Home Storage to remove the folder. Why don't you have a 64-bit APL yet? Need to have a dark mode so the white background in the app would be darken. I see the top bar can change colors to go with my all back theme. Maybe in the future you can add malware and rouge cookies for removal as well. That's another bit of slowing down these browser as well. I am sure it can be done on the double click ad cookies. Why I got your attention System Monitor doesn't understand about APU has 4 cores instead it show it as dual core.
  10. Thank you for replying to myself about that. I will translate and update more programs of Wise Team.
  11. It's quite easy. You can uninstall it through CPanel.
  12. Hello, Since the Wise System Monitor has not been updated for a long time, I can not give you an exact date that the Vietnamese will be applied in Wise System Monitor. But we will add your name to the language page shortly. Thanks for your great work.
  13. I send it to [email protected] and the supporter replied me but now I still can't see that translation.
  14. Dear Admin, I have an issue that I translated Wise System Monitor into Vietnamese and I send that file to on November 6th but I cannot find any Vietnamese translation until now. Can you add my language pack into Wise System Monitor? I also have that file and I will send you if you need. Regards, Kien.
  15. Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me How can I Uninstall One Safe PC Cleaner from my system? I tried to uninstall it through Control Panel but it is not removed fully. Need help of you guys. Thanks.
  16. @prodigalson1225 Sorry about that. The license key was sent to your mailbox, please check the inbox and the spam folder. For more hel, please feel free to contact [email protected]
  17. I am beginning to think I have been victim to a scam. Why make it so difficult to register and activate? I purchased using PayPal but have not received a key.
  18. Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, it is still a 32-bit program, but compatible with 64-bit system. Windows.old is a special folder. The deletion may spends much time. But Wise Force Deleter supports deleting this folder.
  19. Updated translation for v6.1.1 Tradução actualizada para a v6.1.1 Portuguese(Portugal).zip
  20. One the best cleaners out there. I always recommend this program to the masses. I do have some suggestions. Offer: Dark Mode currently it's Blue/White I Black/Black Second Integrate Wise Game Booster to free up system resources this is a must. I usually run that wise game booster before running Wise Care 365. When you install Windows 11 from upgrade Wise Care 365 5.9.1 didn't remove old Windows.old directory. Sure the new storage feature was the only way to remove it. Couldn't just manually wipe or delete the Windows.old folder. Third Is this still a 32-bit or did you make 64-bit much needed feature it's 2021 this app should be 64-bit. Just now it's very speedy.. Thanks to all keep up the great work!
  21. Reminder is a things to-do reminder plug-in that can be used on a computer, just like an alarm clock in mobile phone. It only takes a few seconds for the user to create a task. Support multi-task reminders, such as business meetings, birthday dinners, anniversaries, etc. No longer worry about memory being like a sieve. The page as a whole is divided into three parts: Task groups, Task items and Settings Steps: 1. Click Add Group to create a new group. Here you can create multiple groups. Each group supports adding multiple tasks. Then double-click to edit or modify the task group name. In addition, you can also right-click to implement edit function or delete the task group. 2. Create new task item by clicking + in the upper right corner. Then edit task item. Note: For each new alarm task, the total number of tasks will be displayed on the corresponding task group. 3. Set date and time. Select the frequency of alarm ringing (once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and specific time, and finally click Save. 4. The alarm is ringing. Click Got it to close it. 5. Completed tasks will be checked as green. Note: Part one----create new item. Part two----set date and time. Part three----time left. Part four----uncompleted task. Part five----completed task. 6. Settings Here you can perform some basic task settings such as: ----If you check Hide completed tasks, the completed tasks will not be displayed in the task item. If you check Put completed tasks at the bottom of the list, the completed tasks will be placed below the unfinished tasks. ----Choose your favorite ringtone: Default or Mute. ----Use some shortcut keys to make the operation easier. For example, by pressing the Tab key to create a new task or pressing Space key to mark whether the task has been completed.
  22. Release log Version: 6.0.3 Date: Oct.12, 2021 What's new: 1, Fixed a bug in Boot Booster. 2, Improved UI. 3, Updated the configuration file for Common Cleaner. Download Wise Care 365 v6.0.3
  23. Version: 1.0.5 Date: October 09, 2021 What's new: 1. Fixed the issue that Video Downloader could not download YouTube videos. Update / Download Wise Toys v1.0.5
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