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  2. Hello, It would be great if Wise Care 365 can have the feature of cleaning for all user accounts ("multi-user" full cleaning) when running from an administrator account. Now, that feature is only for the Registry Cleaner. The idea is that this capability be applied to all Wise Care 365 modules such as Useless files, Privacy traces and the rest of the tools. (That feature of full multi-user cleaning is nicely present in CCleaner, where you can select the user or users and the program will work for that selection in all of its tools).
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  4. @Stevie Hello, We are preparing Wise Care 365 version 5.8.1, which will be released this week. Wise Disk Cleaner will be the next one. Thanks for your understanding.
  5. Hello Admin, I translated program interface and messages into Polish. You can attach the file to the Language folder. Greetings, Serenator Polish.ini
  6. Hi. When are we getting a new version of Wise Disk Cleaner with this added please? I did try the Wise Care, but I prefer to use this. Thank you.
  7. @pwghouse Sorry, WiseCleaner (Wise Auto Shutdown) only supports to shutdown (restart, sleep, hibernate, and sign out) PC. It cannot start a PC at a specific time.
  8. How do I shut down the computer and start it again sometime later using your software?
  9. @vsrawat Thanks for your feedback. Wise Force Deleter is running on Windows system, for security reasons, Wise Force Deleter does not, nor does it have permission to delete Windows system files. I reviewed the email you sent to us, the file bootmgr is the boot file of Windows, which is very important, and Wise Force Deleter cannot delete it. There should be a bug showing that the file has been deleted, and we will fix this problem in subsequent versions. We recommend that users enter safe mode to delete files because there are indeed some files (non-Windows system files) that cannot be deleted by Wise Force Deleter, but they can be deleted in safe mode. Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  10. W8.1-64 bit It successfully delete even BOOT and EFI folders that none of the dozens of other utilities I tried could delete. It also deleted bootmgr file from one of the partitions. But on two partitions, E: and G: it is proudly claiming that it has unloced and deleted bootmgr file, but file is stubbornly very much there. You software lies. :-) Anyway, thanks for helping me delete as above. I was sick with these folders. Do suggest what has gone wrong and how to delete the remaining thingy. Thanks. -- Wisecleaner 2021-06-21 22:47:42 Dear user, Thanks for contacting us. Please try to restart your system with Safe Mode, then delete the files/folders. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Regards Alisa -- Alisa, If I had to take trouble like doing things like booting to safe mode, etc. I would have deleted other things also from there, Then why do I need your software? I needed your software just because I don't want to take the time and effort and complications of booting into safe mode, and wanted to delete things in seconds with a few click. And, the issue is, your software is saying it has been deleted, but it is very much present. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. It was a bug in Windows 7 system. We will release a new version this week, please keep the update checking activated.
  12. Cool. And thank you it worked. What is different, besides the fact that it's older. Is there a code change between the regular install of that version, or debug symbols. If not, then can I uninstall and reinstall that specific version and disable update checking.
  13. Thanks for your help. WiseCleaner is written in Delphi, the company name is Lespeed technology Ltd. You can view it in the file's Properties.
  14. Thanks, will do! And post results here. Also, just curious, but what are the main languages wisecare is written in, do you have any stuff available to the public to look at, i.e. FOSS stuff, and are you an independent, or subsidiary of someone else.
  15. I have just installed Wise date recovery program for the 3rd time and it does not show any of my disks in the required window or drop down field.

  16. @Lord_Frick Thanks for your feedback. Please download and try the file. https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/debug/WiseCare365-test.zip Note, it is not an installation file just an executable file. please extract and PASTE WiseCare365.exe to the Wise Care 365 folder. (It will overwrite the current file, but you can rename one of them to keep both files.) Thanks,
  17. I am aware of this, and that was the first thing I checked. Yes it detects the SSD there, yet still doesn't display SSD optimizations. It occurs on windows 7, windows 8.1, but not windows 10, with all on the same computer and drive (three partitions). I have also toggled sata options in BIOS just to see if it would change anything, and windows correctly detects the ssd, having turned on trim and disabling the built in defragger the way it's supposed to. Iv'e also uninstalled and reinstalled the drive and ahci controllers in device manager, with the latest drivers from amd. The firmware is also the latest on this SSD. All of this leads me to believe it is a software issue, which is why I went through the time to create this account (I have previously had no issues with wisecare, using it since 2015 on all my machines from windows xp through to 10)
  18. Release log Version: 1.0.2 Date: June 11, 2021 What's new: 1, New added 3 plugins: Tiny image, Code converter, and Password generator. 2, Supports to set a shortcut key for a plugin. Quickly launch a plugin without display the main window. 3, Added a quick launch panel. users can add 9 frequently used plugins, quickly launch a plugin from the panel. 4, Supports to run Wise Toys automatically when Windows startup. 5, Fixed some known bugs. Update / Download Wise Toys v1.0.2
  19. Hi! Please help me! I had to remove the storage HDD (1TB) from the notebook and some folders was under W.F.H. Now Im unable tos see data on the whole HDD. I only can see under ubuntu but to copy is forbidden. It says some permission is missing. Is it possible to reemove protection?
  20. Hello, Thanks for the attached images. According to the error message, it is indeed a problem of permissions, but your account is an administrator with "Full control". Sorry, we cannot know the exact reason. Please run Wise Program Uninstaller, select "Forced Uninstall" to remove it.
  21. "sam" is the administrator and the only account in this computer. Please see the attached screenshots.
  22. How many accounts are there on this computer? Is "sam" the administrator? Please right-click on "unins000" and choose "Properties", then switch to the "Security" tab. Give me a screenshot of it. Thanks,
  23. Please see the attached screenshot. First is the unsuccessful uninstallation using Wise Uninstaller. Then unsuccessful uninstallation using the uninstaller exe in the program folder.
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