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  2. About window: "current version" and "support email" aren't completely readable (in Italian). Resolution 1024x768 W10 20H2 Buld 19042.630 Same issue in Wise Folder Hider and Wise AD Cleaner.
  3. Hi! When I hover the mouse over menus, then I move the mouse pointer down, balloon tips remain visible even when I minimize the program to the toolbar. Other programs with the same issue: - Wise Duplicate Finder - Wise Folder Hider - Wise Jet Search - Wise Registry Cleaner X - Wise Reminder
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  5. Solution 4: Download https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.5.9.554.zip (Wise Care 365 5.5.9 portable). Or check the download center for the most recent version. Extract its files with windows explorer or your preferred "zip program" (7-zip, peazip, and so forth). Place Wise Care 365 folder where you prefer and start using it!
  6. Hello MrBill, Thanks for your feedback. Okay, we will remove it in the next version. I will forward it to the developer team.
  7. This is from version 10.3.6. - Don't ask every time if I'm sure I want to delete cookies. - Do a full clean automatically as the disk is scanned, much like CCleaner. Thanks, Bill
  8. If you have installed Panda Dome and will install WiseCleaner, please follow the steps below to manually fix the incompatibility issue between WiseCleaner and Panda Security. Solution 1: Disable the Real-time Protection in Panda Dome (1) Please open Panda Dome, and click the second shield icon “Antivirus”. (2) In the upper right corner of the window, there is a green switch, click it to turn off the antivirus protection. (3) Double-click the installer of WiseCleaner to install it. (4) Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, click the switch to turn on the antivirus protecti
  9. Solution for Compatibility issue between WiseCleaner and Panda Dome Start from September 2020, we have received some feedback from users that they cannot install WiseCleaner, including Wise Care 365, Wise Registry Cleaner, and other products. They all received an error message while installing "Unable to execute file in the temporary. Setup aborted. Error 87: The parameter is incorrect." With the help of these users, after analysis and testing, we found that they all install and use Panda Dome which identifies WiseCleaner products as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP/WiseCleaner) an
  10. Searchin on the web, I found heaps of queries related to fix/repair corrupted Exchange database (.edb file) and thinking about my contribution as well. After searching on the web, I found many solution, which halps to repair/fix Exchange database (EDB file) without any trouble. You can go on Google and select a solution, which can help you to accoumplish your job. Note: Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is a professional solution that works to repair/fix EDB files.
  11. hello geogeo.gr, Sorry about that, and thanks for the translation. The file you attached was unavailable, could you please upload it again, or send the file to support@wisecleaner.com? Thanks,
  12. I think there is a problem with the operation of the posts. While I made a post 10 days ago, the post does not appear and as soon as I make news, both appear!
  13. Try the office 365 backup tool and easily Backs up Office 365 mailboxes in PST files. Read more and free download the software, click here http://office365backuptool.blogspot.com
  14. If you receive the above error message, don't worry! Please try the following method to fix the issue of "You are possibly a victim of pirated license key". 1, If Wise Care 365 is running, please close it first. 2, Open the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ 3, Copy the file "hosts" to Desktop. 4, Use Notepad to open the "hosts" file, delete contents about wisecleaner, and save the file. 5, Copy this new "hosts" file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\, overwrite the old one. 6, Run Wise Care 365. If the above method doesn't solve the iss
  15. I am not very smart when it comes to Computers but I am more than willing to learn.

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