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  2. Exchange Recovery Software is capable to recover EDB file data from severally damaged exchange database files. It restores EDB file data from entire server within few minutes. It is multi featured software which can rebuild the complete database with all included data. EDB to PST recovery tool provides the comprehensive EDB to PST conversion facility. EDB Recovery Software scans Exchange files and then quickly extract mailboxes for recovery. It allows users to repair corrupt public and private folders stored in EDB file. See more information at: osttopstapp/exchange-recovery.html
  3. Thank you for choosing WiseCleaner among many similar products. I will forward your suggestion to the developter team.
  4. Thanks. I forgot to ask, would it be possible to have a Pause button instead of just a Stop button when defragging. This would also be very usefull. Thank you. PS I have started using your products after the use of many others such as CCleaner, IOBIT Software, BleachBit etc, but I find yours much better and more intuitive interface which is very welcome. Thank you again.
  5. @snixdad1 Sorry about that. The "XmlLite.dll" is Microsoft XmlLite Library which is integrated into Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or later. If you are not running Windows XP Service Pack 3, please download and update it. We DO NOT recommend downloading and install a DLL file directly. For more details about XmlLite.dll: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/desktop/ee388577(v=vs.85) Download Service Pack 3 updates: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=SP3 XP
  6. @Stevie Thanks for your suggestion. I'll forward it to the developerteam.
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  8. Hi. I am trying to run WiseDataRecovery on an old Windows XP Professional latop. As soon as I try to launch the program, I get the following error message: "WiseDataRecovery.exe - Unable to Locate Component. The applications has failed to start because XmlLite.dll was not found." Can you help? Thanks.
  9. Hi. Can we please have the option added of "Sleep" when the full defrag or full optimisation has completed instead of just "Power Off" please. Thanks.
  10. @Serenator Theme is an important part of Wise Care 365, as you said, there are many beautiful themes. We will try the best to make version 6 compatible with all themes.
  11. Hello Admin, You wrote that there will be a new interface in version 6 in addition to the scaling fixes. I have a collection of skins/themes that I use depending on the occasion. Will these skins/themes be compatible with the new interface? It would be a shame to lose them. Regards, Serenator
  12. No, I understand your problem. If Google Translator is right the text in the red box is “Open with”, which only appears on a file's Properties window, not a folder's property window. If you know how this strange folder appeared on the Desktop, please repeat the operation, then you possibly can delete it. Or, open C:\Users\your name\Desktop, do you see the folder here? If there is not, please try to create a new folder with the same name, then delete it.
  13. Thanks for your explanation, but I think you misunderstood it due to language of operating system . There is no "open with " option. Please be informed that when I try to delete it, I take error as " the folder is not in this location".
  14. @gallant205 Thanks for your suggestions. I will foraward it to the developer team.
  15. Hello, Sorry, I have no idea how to fix it. The property of the "Folder" is a bit strange. The regular property of a folder has no "Open with" option and, its File Type is Folder but with a file extension. I have never seen such a Property. Please try to change it to a known file type, e.g., txt. Then, it could be deleted. If it doesn't work, please try another force deleters, or, submit your problem to answers.microsoft.com
  16. I use windows 10. there is a folder in my desktop. I want to delete it. but I can't. I have dowloaded wise force deleter. This software also can not delete the folder. when I try to delete and click "unlock and delete" , it says " status : not available ". So the folder can not be removed. when I try to delete the folder by the aid of windows , I take a message as " folder is not in desktop, check the location of it and try again" Before I downloaded your sofware, I also tried to delete it by using windows safe mode , and windows command window but everytim
  17. Happy Easter all, For your consideration: may we have a Pause button, stops showing reminders until said Pause button has been unpaused. Problem: I have a screen recorder app that I use to record videos, and when a Wise Reminder comes up, I have to stop, start over, and rerecord my video. Yes, I make every attempt to change the time of day so this is avoided, but as you might imagine, that is sort of a pain, and sometimes you miss one. And afterwards you have to change them all back later! Thank you for reading this.
  18. Hi I m a small business owner, and I use invoicera software for online invoicing; it automates my workflow, leading my business to grow faster. There is also various software available in the market, such as QuickBooks, Xero, etc. Still, it is important to choose software that suits your business needs, and my experience invoicera suits best for small businesses. The best feature of this software is it gets customized as per my business's need, which becomes very beneficial for my business.
  19. Thanks for your good suggestions.
  20. Thanks for your feedback. Any suggestions and bugs, please feel free to contact us.
  21. Want to know about the best Invoicing Software? Please Suggest
  22. Hello Admin, In today's update, the bug I described above has been fixed. A really fast response. Full professionalism. Great respect for you. Regards, Serenator
  23. Clean Record should NOT have been there at all, as it serves No real purpose other than Marketing. Emphasis should be on Quality (= Cleaning Safe-to-Delete items that will Not wreck Systems); not on Quantity (how many items were deleted). Thanks for the [CleanHistory] inside the config.ini file TIP.
  24. As far as know, the developer team will not add such an option to reset the record, but I will forward your suggestion to them. If you want to reset one of the records, please open the file config.ini, find [CleanHistory], update/reset the record you want.
  25. Updated translation for v5.6.5 Tradução actualizada para a v5.6.5 Portuguese(Portugal).zip
  26. I also used to wonder why there wasn't a way to zero out this data. So I join this suggestion and think it is a good idea.
  27. Deleting the config.ini file will erase ALL other Options, too! That would be disastrous! Please, request from the Developers to add a Button that RESETS (make them equal to zero) the Clean Record values (Files, Registry, Traces, Privacy, and Tuneup) shown in the Wise 365 PRO Opening/Central window. THANKS!!!
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