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  2. Video Downloader supports video downloads from major video websites. Including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. User's guidance: 1. Find the URL of the video you want to download. We randomly select a video from https://www.youtube.com/c/Wisecleaner/videos. The video URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-7ExusXRIs. 2. Copy the video URL to Video Downloader and click Go. 3. Select the appropriate video quality according to personal needs, and click to Download. 4. Select the
  3. A plug-in that contains 6 translation tools. You can choose which one to use, according to your preferences. User's guidance: 1. Enter the text content to be translated. For example: WiseCleaner Software - Stabilize, Secure and Speed Up Your Windows PC. 2. Select the target language. The text content translated into the target language can be copied.
  4. Screen Snip can take a screenshot of any place in the Windows window. User's guidance: 1. Click Screen Snip to start taking screenshots. 2. After the interception is completed, click "Save As" to save to the location you need to save.
  5. Hello. May I ask please, has the option I suggested been thought of to be added to an update? And do you know when an update will be available with this item added? Thank you.
  6. QR Code is a plug-in that automatically generates a QR code. It can prevent privacy leakage to a certain extent. User's guidance: 1. As shown in the picture, enter the text content, and the corresponding QR code will be generated immediately. 2. Click the QR code to copy it elsewhere.
  7. OCR is a plug-in that can recognize text on pictures. The picture supports two ways of uploading locally and taking screenshots. User's guidance: 1. Upload pictures that have been downloaded locally. 2. Take a screenshot and upload the picture directly. The recognized text can be copied. You don't need to type one by one, which saves time.
  8. Steps Recorder can record and save steps on a computer, which is equivalent to the screen recording function of a mobile phone. User's guidance: 1. Select "Start Recording". Perform the steps on the computer to reproduce the problem. You can pause recording at any time and resume recording later. 2. Select "Stop Recording". 3. In the "Save As" dialog box, type a name for the file, and then select "Save". 4. The file will be saved as a compressed file with a .zip file extension. To view the recording, open the compressed fi
  9. Color Picker can help you extract the color of any place on the screen. User's guidance: As shown in the GIF: 1. Click Pick. 2. Click the left mouse button to pick up the color.
  10. Currency Exchange is a plug-in that can quickly check currency exchange rates between different countries. All you need to do is enter the amount in the text box. Users can accurately know the recent changes in global exchange rates. User's guidance: 1. As shown in the figure, click Add currency to add currencies that are not displayed in the interface. 2. Left click, hold down the mouse and drag to adjust the order of currency types. The default number for the first currency type is 1. 3. Assuming that we adjust the number to 5 or other numbers, we can see th
  11. Yesterday
  12. Clipboard is a very useful plug-in to paste and copy. One of its main features is automatic paste. User's guidance: 1. Ctrl+C to copy text and automatically paste it on the Clipboard. 2. The Clipboard can keep 10 pasted records in total. If there are more than 10 entries, the earliest pasted text content will be squeezed out by the latest pasted content. For example: if you paste the eleventh record, the first pasted record will disappear, the second pasted record will jump to the first pasted record, and so on. 3. The arrow indicates the top funct
  13. Just like its name, Batch Rename is a plug-in that can batch rename folders or files. The first thing you need to do is to drag the renamed files into the blank space. You can also upload the files locally via the Browse button. As shown in the picture, in the lower left corner, you can adjust the order of the files according to the file name, size, creation date, and modification date. It supports four types of file batch renaming, they are Format, Replace, Append and Extension. User's guidance: (Let us take Wise Care 365.docx, Wise Data Recovery.docx, Wise Dupli
  14. Last week
  15. Quick Guide to Using Wise Toys 1, the main window Alt + Space can call out Wise Toys main window. The close icon on the upper right corner is just to close the main window. Pin icon can make the main window at the top of all windows. Tab key on the keyboard can help you quickly select an item from the search list. 2, Tray icon in the notification Language, the main window (not plugins) supports 5 languages. Check update, check the new version of the main window. Restart, restart Wise Toys. Exit, close Wise Toys inclu
  16. Hello jj28west, Please click the link below to download the portable version. https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.6.6.567.zip
  17. Hello Marco-G, Which version of Wise Care 365 do you use? I did a test, update Wise Care 365 from v5.61 to the latest 5.66, it worked well. Please try it again. If the auto-update still doesn't work, please click the link below to download and install the latest 5.66. https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365_5.6.6.567.exe
  18. Hello, How do I purchase portable technicians version? My client IT dept uses Crowdstrike which quarantines all 3rd part apps to a blacklist. Thanks john
  19. Hello, For quit a while now I'm not able to complete the updates of Wise Care 365; it stays with the message wich ýou can see below. Only way to end this, is to press the stop-button. I can use the not-updated version, but I would like to update :-). Does anybody have suggestions? Thank you at forehand. Marco
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  21. Hello, Sounds like it is caused by deleting the icon cache, but the Wise Registry Cleaner does not clean up the icon cache or thumbnail cache. Wise Registry Cleaner can automatically back up the registry entries which will be cleaned. Please open Wise Registry Cleaner, click Menu, and select Restore, then select the latest backup, and click Restore
  22. I recently installed Wise Game Booster, Registry Cleaner and Program Uninstaller to my system. Everything went just fine until I ran the Registry Cleaner (I believe that was the culprit), now the desktop icons for Game Booster and Program Uninstaller have reverted back to generic ones (not the ones that came with them). I went to the Properties for both icons and selected their default ones again. They are back to normal, but why did they revert to generic in the first place? Thanks!
  23. Dear users! We are excited to announce the release of the new product Wise Toys. Welcome to download and try Wise Toys. Click here to download Wise Toys is a productivity tool that can help you increase the efficiency of using your computer. It has 2 parts, Plugins, and Search. Plugins is a collection of several practical gadgets. This version contains a total of 11 gadgets. It involves batch modification of file names, QR code generation, translation and video downloading, etc. Search is a local file search engine that supports search plugins, i
  24. Hi Steive, Thanks for contacting us. WiseCleaner is still activate. Previously, email and forum were the main ways for users to report problems to us. Since we have a built-in support center in each WiseCleaner product, which makes it more convenient for users to contact us, rarely contact us by posting on the forum. When WiseCleaner is running and trying to clear disk or registry, the OS is running and some applications are running too. Files are inusing. WiseCleaner cannot clear an inusing file but will try to clear it in the next reboot.
  25. Hi. I started using these products from the IOBIT range because I found these programs much better usage wise, and they seemed to be better in their performance too. I was wondering if Wise Cleaner had ever been reported as showing us false positives when scanning, either the basic scan or the advanced scan? I ask this because sometimes I will run the basic scan - see the results - then run the clean. But if I scan again it finds yet more and recommends a clean again, this can happen three times or more if I keep going! Or am I simply using the program wrong, apologies if I am.
  26. Hi, Thanks for you feedback. We will fix this bug in the next update.
  27. Since the last update the settings in "System slimming" for "automatic system restore" will not save in INI (portable version). After starting Wise 365 the option is always enabled, but I don't want this I want it's permanent disabled. Can anyone help me please?
  28. Exchange Recovery Software is capable to recover EDB file data from severally damaged exchange database files. It restores EDB file data from entire server within few minutes. It is multi featured software which can rebuild the complete database with all included data. EDB to PST recovery tool provides the comprehensive EDB to PST conversion facility. EDB Recovery Software scans Exchange files and then quickly extract mailboxes for recovery. It allows users to repair corrupt public and private folders stored in EDB file. See more information at: osttopstapp/exchange-recovery.html
  29. Thank you for choosing WiseCleaner among many similar products. I will forward your suggestion to the developter team.
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