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  2. hello geogeo.gr, Sorry about that, and thanks for the translation. The file you attached was unavailable, could you please upload it again, or send the file to support@wisecleaner.com? Thanks,
  3. I think there is a problem with the operation of the posts. While I made a post 10 days ago, the post does not appear and as soon as I make news, both appear!
  4. Try the office 365 backup tool and easily Backs up Office 365 mailboxes in PST files. Read more and free download the software, click here http://office365backuptool.blogspot.com
  5. If you receive the above error message, don't worry! Please try the following method to fix the issue of "You are possibly a victim of pirated license key". 1, If Wise Care 365 is running, please close it first. 2, Open the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ 3, Copy the file "hosts" to Desktop. 4, Use Notepad to open the "hosts" file, delete contents about wisecleaner, and save the file. 5, Copy this new "hosts" file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\, overwrite the old one. 6, Run Wise Care 365. If the above method doesn't solve the issue, please contact support@wisecleaner.com to seek more help.
  6. I am not very smart when it comes to Computers but I am more than willing to learn.

  7. Greek translation update to WSM 1,53 WiseSystemMonitor_greek.zip
  8. Greek translation updated to WSM 1.53 WiseSystemMonitor_greek.zip
  9. I come from a Mac background. What’s the equivalent of “repairing permissions” or some small steps I can’t take to ensure my machine is all in check? I have a Windows 7 Pro setup. Explorer crashes/hangs and it struggles to shutdown properly. Most times, I have jpg to pdf to hold the power button down to restart.
  10. Reformatted a PC, installed Win7 fresh. Ran updates, installed service pack 1 with first batch of updates, rebooted, installed the windows update API update on second try. Says you must update windows update before continuing for updates. So I install the update, reboot, now it wont find any updates. Error 8007000E. Tried sfc scan, MS fixit for winupdates, ran 2 times once for BITs and second time for windows update - Also snaptube vidmate word to pdf tried tweaking.com system repair for windows updates - Also ran CheckSUR - Cleared software distribution download and datastore folders - Also completely reinstalled both BITS and WUAUSERV services but same issue
  11. доставка алкоголя спб[/url]

  12. @tipstir Thanks for your feedback. We will check for it.
  13. This is the hardware issue. Contact to your service provider or go to local work-shop
  14. Updated translation for v5.5.5 Tradução actualizada para a v5.5.5 Stay safe! Portuguese(Portugal).zip
  15. System specs and processor speed it's not detecting AMD A8 APU shows it as 2 cores with 3 temps. Suppose to be 4 cores, 4 threads and 4 temps under 5.5.4 Pro. Same issue with 5.5.5 Pro still showing only 3 cores not 4 cores for temp.
  16. contact directly to the team of wise cleaner
  17. Contact to support member or visit the help section, there you will get the solution of your problem.
  18. send your query to support@wisecleaner.com they will solve the problem.
  19. Go to Google & search for it. Even you can get an answer from the team.
  20. contact with Google team & tell the problem. They will solve you
  21. Check your USB port may be that external hard drive is corrupt.
  22. Antivirus like avast and others stop some program & application.
  23. If you are facing the virus problem issue, then use good anti-virus software.
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