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  2. Any vital service that has failed to start may cause your device manager screen to go blank. I just mentioned blue-tooth because that is a common cause of your issue. I had no idea what your son uses so I threw that out for your consideration. BTW, if I had that rig in front of me I could fix it in two minutes; however, it is very difficult to troubleshoot someone else's problems from afar so good luck with your issue.
  3. Try xilolee's suggestion and if you still can't access your device manager, try accessing the "devices and printers" view to see if you can do the uninstalls from there. However, if none of these recent suggestions work, a vital service may have stopped. Which one? Who knows? My guess would be your blue-tooth service has stopped, and if the S5 requires blue-tooth, that may explain why you are encountering all these issues. Good luck.
  4. Did your USB mouse ever work? Specifically, did it work before you tried to load those new Galaxy S5 drivers? If so, you need to delete all references in device manager (and software) related to the Galaxy S5, then delete your usb mouse reference in device manager, then reboot and see if your mouse works.
  5. Hi vellinator, If you look at this thread closely, you might notice that the menu you found is also the exact menu I showed you in great detail (eg, the services menu). Coincidence? I also showed you how to get there too. Anyway, glad you fixed your issue. BTW, your attached view does not look like the msconfig view. It actually is the services view. Cheers, UCanFixit
  6. Hey Phil, That's great news! Thanks for the additional tips on deleting those files. Also, maybe I really only found 4 or 5 registry entries as well. Your findings (eg, number count) seem to make more sense BTW. Also, thanks for all your followup details as they definitely reinforce the precision of the overall procedure. Best regards, UCanFixit
  7. Hi xilolee, With so much going on, I cannot conclusively confirm (eg, remember) if my system restore attempt fixed the sfc /scannow issue but I know it restored the Photo Samples properly. In this case, the system restore was a good first option to try; however, as in Phil's case (and most likely many others), he had no idea when he initiated that slimdown option and his subsequent sfc /scannow run could have been a year (or more) after the fact. However, I do remember that WiseCare365 did label the restore point properly so it could be identified and used (if available).
  8. To Wise Admin and Wise Team, I finally found a way to fix the issue caused by your partial deleteion attempt of the Photo Samples in Win 7. Note that I had much to do to clean up that sfc /scannow result. With that said, pleae remove the slimdown options for Sample Photos (and all other sample options as well) or fix them all so they don't create uncorrectable (and permanent) sfc /scannow failures. http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/7832-wise-care-defaults-cause-system-resource-integrity-violations/ UCanFixit
  9. Hello Phil (and all), OK, I have found a solution that should work for all. Here are the steps involved: 1. Create a backup system image as a precaution. 2. Search your C drive for the keyphrase "photosamples" (without quotes) and delete all referenced files and folders. Note: To delete these files and folders, you must take ownership of each one and assign admin priviledges to each delete process. Note: This registry mod might make it easier to take ownership as it adds the right-click option to explorer: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-ri
  10. Hi maross89, Your observations are correct in this instance; however, one must always be cautious when something like this happens. So, I noticed this additional download happened during an attempted install of CCleaner; yes? If so, this thread might interest you because the same thing happened to the originator of this CCleaner thread: http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=40949 Note that the responders are questioning where he downloaded the source file from. Now, if you want more specific details regarding your issue, I would recommend you join the CCleaner forum and add your iss
  11. Additional information for xilolee, wise admin and the wise development team: Hello all, I have already provided the attached information to Phil via a private email; however, I want to make sure I share my findings with anyone that can help. So, I did another clean install of Win 7 SP1 Home Premium, downloaded WiseCare365 Free, and ran "only" the Sample Photos removal option/process. I also had the System Internals Process Monitoring program running to capture all Wise activities during same. The captured results are attached in a csv format as this was the best choice available for expor
  12. Yes, I loaded a clean install of windows SP1 and I also extracted the files from the Win 7 SP1 installation CD/DVD. The funny thing is that I was able to duplicate Phil's issue (on my Win 7 clean install) by using Wise Disc Cleaner to just delete the Photo Samples. Specifically, the sfc failures looked exactly like Phil's. Once done, I extracted those missing files (from the installation CD) and restored them to both the Photo Samples folder and the winsxs folder and that fixed all related sfc issues. Then I zipped those files to Phil and he was able to improve his sfc results where only the d
  13. Maybe so... but right now we are trying to make you whole, so please do the tutorial restorals and let's see what happens from there.
  14. The default value for fax is manual. So, if you start it, and then reboot, it will be off again unless you changed the startup type to automatic (which you did not mention).
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