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  1. This is a brand-new account, which I had to open because Wise Cleaner in Wise Care 365 never acknowledged my earlier inquiries. I waited and waited for an email message, but nothing arrived. Re-sent the request. Nothing. Wise Cleaner also rejected the display name and password I have been using for a long time. Here is the problem. When I open my Thunderbird account, this what is listed: Inbox Drafts (I'll refer to this below as the first Draft folder) Sent Archive Junk ...and then it lists Gmail accounts: Drafts Sent Mail Spam Trash ...and a few more. When I set the columns for the first Draft folder above, the column settings do not stick, especially after I run the Wise Care 365 checkup. Frankly, I do not know what the first Draft folder is supposed to be in comparison to the Draft folder in the G-mail section. The column settings I've chosen all stay put in the G-mail folder section. I have added to the Exclusion folder all references I could find to Thunderbird. I even entered C:\users in the Exclusion setting. I have unchecked all the items in the Computer Traces section except to put Wise Care in the Startup folder. I would appreciate any help unraveling this mystery. I do not know what the Tag section above is for. I don't suppose we'll know why I never received a confirmation email when I tried to change my password on the original account. Thanks, Cloverdavid
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