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  1. Oh, I checked the speed of scanning and cleaning of two programs simultaneously and individually to choose the better program. And I saw that CCleaner scan fast but delete traces very slowly and Wise Care 365 scan and remove the caches, traces quickly. Moreover, I will send you Vietnamese translation of Wise Care 365 v6.1.2 soon.
  2. I am testing the effectiveness when I run Piriform CCleaner and Wise Care 365 at the same time. After I deleted the traces and cookies, I saw that both apps found and removed traces, caches, cookies slower. So does Wise Care 365 conflict with CCleaner?
  3. Thank you for replying to myself about that. I will translate and update more programs of Wise Team.
  4. I send it to [email protected] and the supporter replied me but now I still can't see that translation.
  5. Dear Admin, I have an issue that I translated Wise System Monitor into Vietnamese and I send that file to on November 6th but I cannot find any Vietnamese translation until now. Can you add my language pack into Wise System Monitor? I also have that file and I will send you if you need. Regards, Kien.
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