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Does WC 365 Pro alter MS Word recent list


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For several months my MS 2013 Word recent list and pinned list keep disappearing. Does WC 365 Pro alter the list? Often when I do have a recent list section some of the documents I have not opened in years. I've been trying to determine what application is at fault but so far I cannot determine what is altering the list(s). I'm running Win 8.1 x64 PRO and WC 365 Pro 3.8.2.


I just attempted to paste the two keys in the post but it will not. I've got the two keys in the clipboard, I right-click, select Paste but nothing is pasted. If I go to another webpage that has a form that I can complete I can past the keys in the form thus the issue seems to be with the WC forum? Or am I doing something wrong? As a workaround I entered XXX and then used the replace function, the keys follow-

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\Place MRU .

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\File MRU


The past ICON in the topic window does not work for me.


I was using IE as the browser, I just tried the past function using Chrome and it worked. Normally I use Chrome but when I clicked on the W icon in WC it opened IE rather than my default browser. 


I just checked the Exclusion list in WC and I see that Office has been excluded, based on this WC should not be modifying anything in office. Following is the exclusion.


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Attached is an image of the recent word list that is being modified. Section A contains items I've pinned and section B contains the recent documents that have been opened. Both are being modified. The registry keys I posted in the previous post are (as I understand) the keys that contain info for the recent list in MS Word (I'm currently using version 2013). I'm more concerned about section A and sometimes use section B. Normally I'd have about 10-15 documents in section A.


Most of the time when using Word I open a new document differently than most people, e.g. In my file explorer (Xplorer2) I'm in the folder where I want to create a document, I right-click > select Explorer > New > select MS Word Document (or the type of document I want to create). I then seen an entry for a MS Word document. I apply the name I want for this document and open it. It opens with my default template and I then add the contents to the document. Sometimes when I'm researching something I might create several MS Word documents (10-30).


However if I need to modify an existing document that I have pinned in MS Word then in Word I click File > Open > Recent and from section A I select the desired document.


From your post I'm assuming that WC does not modify either of the registry keys I posted. Is this correct?


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Sorry, I have been dealing with this for 18months. I disagree!!! The dude is right,  When you run the PC Checkup it WIPES OUT systematically the pinned files in all my office programs and even when I put registry key exclusions, it  also erases license keys for my excel add-ins who are also excluded. How do you fix this and please, your software does this even if you are unaware of the bug.


This bug is 100% reproducable. I am a paying, registered client. Maybe you may want to to a GoToMeeting to see it reproduced?



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This problem is still happening.

Please advise what to do for WC not to delete all my Microsoft pinned items. It also took away recent list from right-clicking Powerdirector on Start menu - they don't even come back! How can I get them to be there again?

This is somewhat disturbing... ?

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