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  1. Confusing upgrade window. Today I noticed the following window and appreciate the notice and upgrade but it would be super helpful if the product was identified in the window and I was presented the option to learn more about the upgrade before clicking on the "Update Now" button (and possibly an option to just download the upgrade so I could later install). In today's world where hackers are so good about making a virus look like something from legit companies I really don't like the idea of blindly clicking on a link and upgrading my PC. After a bit of research I was able to confirm this notice was about Wise Care 365 but as a user IMHO I should not have to do such research. I agree that the hacker could present me with a screen that identified the product in an attempt to fool me thus it might be better to provide a link that takes me to the wisecleaner.com website where I could then verify the URL and then apply the upgrade. In the following image I don't have any information as to what application is going to be update and no way to verify that it is really from WiseCare.
  2. I have Wise Care 365 Pro v 4.3.0 installed and very frequently (sometimes multiple times a day) the "Wise Notice" pops up in the lower right corner of my screen informing me that I have xxxx junk files and xxxx items of traces. I know how to turn it off (Click the menu icon (top-right area of wise care 365), settings, general tab, UNtick run wise turbo automatically, click save.) but this is not the ideal setting. I'd like to see an option that would allow me to establish a setting that would trigger when the notice would be displayed. Example, if I have more than 50 GB of junk files then display the message. In today's world of hard drives and SSD drives it is common to have large drives with a huge amount of free space thus frequent cleanup of junk files is not as necessary as it was in the past with much smaller drives. Currently on my desktop, the system I use most often, I have a 500 GB SSD and it has 130 GB of free space and I can easily afford to have 25-50 GB of junk files before a clean is triggered.
  3. Much thanks!!! I had no idea what the heck it was called.
  4. I have Wise Care 365 Pro v 3.9.4 installed and very frequently the "Wise Notice" pops up in the lower right corner of my screen informing me that I have xxxx junk files and xxxx items of traces. How in the heck do I reduce the frequency of the appearance of this window. At the most I'd like to set it to once a week or just turn the darn thing off and let WC do it thing when it runs the clean process. I have about 53 TB of storage on my system thus the amount of junk files I have is not a big concern and having the clean process run once a month would OK for me.
  5. As a feature request please have WC use my default browser. Most applications when using a browser will use the default browser.
  6. Attached is an image of the recent word list that is being modified. Section A contains items I've pinned and section B contains the recent documents that have been opened. Both are being modified. The registry keys I posted in the previous post are (as I understand) the keys that contain info for the recent list in MS Word (I'm currently using version 2013). I'm more concerned about section A and sometimes use section B. Normally I'd have about 10-15 documents in section A. Most of the time when using Word I open a new document differently than most people, e.g. In my file explorer (Xplorer2) I'm in the folder where I want to create a document, I right-click > select Explorer > New > select MS Word Document (or the type of document I want to create). I then seen an entry for a MS Word document. I apply the name I want for this document and open it. It opens with my default template and I then add the contents to the document. Sometimes when I'm researching something I might create several MS Word documents (10-30). However if I need to modify an existing document that I have pinned in MS Word then in Word I click File > Open > Recent and from section A I select the desired document. From your post I'm assuming that WC does not modify either of the registry keys I posted. Is this correct?
  7. How can I get WC Pro 3.8.2 to use my default browser Chrome. In WC if I click on an icon that opens the browser by default it is opening IE not my default browser.
  8. For several months my MS 2013 Word recent list and pinned list keep disappearing. Does WC 365 Pro alter the list? Often when I do have a recent list section some of the documents I have not opened in years. I've been trying to determine what application is at fault but so far I cannot determine what is altering the list(s). I'm running Win 8.1 x64 PRO and WC 365 Pro 3.8.2. I just attempted to paste the two keys in the post but it will not. I've got the two keys in the clipboard, I right-click, select Paste but nothing is pasted. If I go to another webpage that has a form that I can complete I can past the keys in the form thus the issue seems to be with the WC forum? Or am I doing something wrong? As a workaround I entered XXX and then used the replace function, the keys follow- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\Place MRU . HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU\LiveId_D6CF29E4B97077D0A76F7336D24E2C0D2CC2C35617F8F98E36F6D833C8F7EF13\File MRU The past ICON in the topic window does not work for me. I was using IE as the browser, I just tried the past function using Chrome and it worked. Normally I use Chrome but when I clicked on the W icon in WC it opened IE rather than my default browser. I just checked the Exclusion list in WC and I see that Office has been excluded, based on this WC should not be modifying anything in office. Following is the exclusion. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\
  9. I downloaded the zip file and installed the EXE file. I then attempted to run and almost immediately it produced an error. I then went trough the steps to create and send a report. For several minutes the "Information" window has been open and I just noticed behind this window is another error window. The send failed, there appears to be no way to close the information window. I opened the task manager and ended all Wise applications, still the Wise JetSearch window, the WiseJetSearch.exe window and the Information window are still open. AH I was able to close all by closing the Wise JetSearch window Reran the JetSearch, encountered the same error, clicked send bug report, immediately "Fast find file and folder" window opened stating it had failed. Closed the window all closed. Reran JetSearch, the index was successfully created. For the search string I entered "wise" and clicked search. Results was immediately produced but I'm having trouble scrolling. Over 1000 results were produced. The results window is frozen and I cannot scroll. Ops, I just saw the window move, I attempted to scroll and again it appears to be frozen. I changed the search string to "wise .exe" (a blank is part of the string), clicked search and immediately I get the error. Clicked send report, a few seconds pass, I get error "Sorry, sending the bug report didn't work." A lot of stuff may be falling through the cracks, if you want I can create a video. The video will be large thus it would be best if I can FTP it to you. Also my time is rather limited thus I may be slow to respond to you. Next week I will be installing a new 6TB drive to replace a failed 6TB drive thus I will be busy getting everything restored back to the new drive from backups. Also I will be performing several data backup verifications to determine that my backups are performing as expected. This activity will consume a LOT of my time.
  10. I just tried the search function in the Pro v3.7.5 and I’m sorry to throw rocks but it is the pits. It is very slow (always seems to be building an index), does not find what I'm searching for and seems to freeze. I normally (and will continue to do so at this time) use Everything as my search tool and highly suggest you use it as your benchmark. I have a fair amount of hard drives installed (14 on my desktop) thus I'm not your average user (over 38 TB of space on the 14 drives). Everything will accept any character string and use it for matching to the filenames, e.g. "win 8 .do" as an example. Also it produces results as I type (super fast). With the search function in v3.7.5 I get a message "Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command." I had to switch to Chrome as my browser to complete this post, IE just flat out failed and would often freeze I DO NOT like the fact that you attempt to force me to use IE, it is not my default browser With IE I could not past text into the topic whereas I can with Chrome
  11. In WC v363 Pro when I go to System Monitor > Hard Drive all of my hard drives are not displayed. I've attached two images, one is what WC finds and the other is what Hard Disk Sentinel finds (BTW this is correct).
  12. In WC 363 I cannot mouse over the edge of the window and resize it. I can click on the maximize button and make it full screen but I don't want it full screen I want to resize for my best usage.
  13. NO - I DO NOT want to clean the MS office 2013 recent document items. I attempted to find a setting in WC365 but was not successful. I'm at a loss as to why anybody would want to clean this setting. My main usage of this setting is to pin important documents at the top of the list. If I go into the WC settings I see that I can exclude a registry key but I'm not sure what to enter for the keyword. BTW is WC cleaning my "Run" list (Start > Run)? If so how do I disable this cleaning? When I enter "%appdata%\Wise Care 365\Backup" in address bar I do see a list of REG backup files but I'm not able to see what was actually removed. If I just double-click on one of the files Win 8.1 will add the items to my registry. If I open the file with my text editor (I use TextPad or Kedit) I see the hex values. I see that when WC creates a backup it included the date in the filename in the Europe format (S4 2015-18-04 034428.reg). Can I change this to the US format (S4 2015-0418 034428.reg)?
  14. I'm using WC 365 v3.6.3 and would like to know what registry items will be removed or have been removed. I'm running on a Win 8.1 x64 system and have an issue with the recent document items disappearing in my MS Office 2013 applications. At this time I'm not sure what application is at fault and I've had the issue for several months thus attempting a restore will not resolve my issue. However I'd like to see what items will be deleted or have been deleted. Following is a description of the keys that are being changed. The Recent Documents lists are held in the registry in keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Word\User MRU HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Excel\User MRU HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\PowerPoint\User MRU In each of those keys you'll find a subkey named "LiveId_" followed by a long string of hex characters and, under that, a subkey named File MRU. Within that last subkey, the values hold the file paths of the recent documents. Under the key HKEY_USERS there's a key named "S-1-5-21-" followed by another long string of hex characters, which contains all of the same information as the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section. (There may be more than one of these, one for each user identity on the computer.) This HKEY_USERS data is copied to HKEY_CURRENT_USER when you log in, and changes in one section are reflected in the other.
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