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Suggestions for newly released Wise Care 365 v3


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Dear All users,

In order to make the newly released Wise Care 365 v3 more efficient and perfect, we encourage each of you to write down the suggestions on how to both improve our product and our customer services.  We will provide the free license keys for the users whose suggestions we choose to implement. The valid date of the license key is about half a year. If you are already a Pro version user, we will extend your expiry date as a reward. I know the best ideas come from our users, and I look forward to your suggestions. Please email to [email protected]. :D 



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I'm using Windows 8.1, update 1, x64



I found some incongruences (bugs?):

1) With the firewall disabled, Wcare365 tells that the firewall is disabled and, after the fix, it tells that the firewall is enabled... But Windows says it is not.


post-11233-0-93109200-1404238403_thumb.jpg post-11233-0-83936600-1404238430_thumb.jpg


2) After the fix, some histories are yet present in MSIE 11




3) With the firewall enabled (I'm blocking every outcoming/outbound connections, except few rules that I created for a bunch of programs), if I check for updates, the program tells "Congratulations, the version you are using is the latest one!"; but if I disable the firewall it could check and find new Wcare365 updates.

The same applies for the other Wise Tools.




It could be nice if the program says that the firewall is blocking it and that it can not check for updates. Disable the firewall or  configure it --- I didn't find a way to configure the firewall for Wcare365, I'll admit!

Even if I created two rules for it (inbound/outbound), without port restrictions...

Is there any method that I missed?

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Serenator's feature request:


Hello Admin,[...]

Accessible windows are information about: Junk files, Registry error, Traces counted, Privacy records and Tuneup count.

Is there the possibility of cleaning up these data?

Many greetings, Serenator

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I noticed differences in colour fonts of buttons name in current version. You can see one of them on screenshot. There are more such examples.

Can you check all and fix it to the next update? All fonts in blue? This looks more nicely and is more readable :)


Thanks so much!


Best regards,



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How about this PC Checkup does check and clean. Why can't we have that take care of everything.


Registry Cleaner

Common Cleaner

Advanced Cleaner

Memory Optimizer

Defrag HDDs


Even if PC Checkup is suppose to take care of these manual task, I find running these 5 an additional steps.  Wise Care should runs these also. Super Clean Feature. Still have these features as you are now but a Super PC Clean for those who want it taken care. 


I run Microsoft Media Center 24/7 on this laptop PC where I am typing this from. There is bug in DRM know bug but they never fix it. I wrote a small script for it. If this could be added to a function of Wise 365 would be excellent. Thus I don't have to run when I get DRM error under Netflix.


The old code is not needed because new code wipes out what's in that folder that gets corrupted in time. I just showing both codes. See attachment called MCE Fix.txt


Also one more thing if we can incorporate and remove all adware cookies that seem to get past most browser cookie guards would be ideal. I can provide such data. See attachment called Bad Cookies 2014.txt and Bad Cookie 28 - 2014.png.

MCE Fix.txt

Bad Cookies 2014.txt


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PC Checkup clean part of Registry Cleaner/Common Cleaner, contains System Optimizer/Privacy Eraser.

Only PC Checkup has schedule task feature.


Yes I know, sorry for being confusing but I'm suggest that PC Check-up also should have auto-clean enabler setting without scheduling a clean, the same goes with Common Cleaner and Advanced Cleaner. For time-saving reasons. Will be glad if this suggestion would be recognized and approved. Thank you!  :)

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Do you means you only need to click the button, then it will scan and clean automatically. (currently, you need to click two times, click to scan and click to clean)


I'm not sure it is a good ideas, I think most users want to check scanning result.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Right. I suggest there that a setting or enabler/disabler is to be present for users choice.

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In Previous versions, WiseCare365 contained an option in setttings to 'Minimize to System Tray'; or if you unchecked it, WiseCare would exit and close completely.
This was a very useful feature, in that most people dont want your app or anyone else's, running constantly in the background consuming resources all day/night.


In the latest version(s) this option has been removed and forces WiseCare to always minimize to the tray when exit button is pressed.


Giving users options and flexibility is what makes software great.
So it is hard to understand why you would take the time to remove this option from WiseCare.


So now to completely exit WiseCare, you must hit the close button in the upper right corner, Then mouse all the way to the bottom of the screen to find the wisecare app in the system tray, then Right click the system tray app, and click exit.

This seems needlessly excessive.

Please consider re-adding the minimize or exit option back in future releases.

Thank You


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