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  1. Hello Team, What is the check? Do you foresee a new releases? Thanks a lot! Regards, Serenator
  2. Hello Admin, I noticed another shortcoming in the Advanced Cleaner option in current version Wise Care 365. After scanning process and clicking on the Clean option to follow a process of deleting unnecessary files. It is presented in the form of animation trash and should be on the progress bar. The progress bar does not work for me. Can you verify and fix this defect? Thanks so much. Regards, Serenator
  3. Dear Admin, I installed 5.1.6 version today. Unfortunately, Advanced Cleaner option will not working correctly! When I am selecting this option I received Wise Care 365 message: "Access violation at address 6E051CE0 in module WJSLib.dll. Read of address 00000000". Similarly when I try change language of interface I received message: " Access violation at address 007E0AAC in module Wise Care.exe. Read of address 00000028". In previous releases there was no problem with operation of this function. Could we fix all problems, please? Thanks. Regards, Serenator
  4. Hello! The current version of Wise Cleaner 365 in the Advanced Cleaner option and next Advanced Settings option are no possibility selection, and thus search, options: Find invalid shortcuts and Find empty files. In the previous version 4.9.1 such options were available. What happened? Best Regards, Serenator
  5. Hello ! How to prepare theme as picture to insert it to Wise Care 365 as myself? What criteria must meet...size, extension, etc. ? Thanks so much for reply and Happy New 2018 Year !
  6. Hello Admin, I see my themes working correctly Thank you very much !!! My best regards to Wise Cleaner Team !!!
  7. Thank you very much! I will be waiting with impatience
  8. Hi, Very please to adapt these themes to the current version Wise Care 365. I really care about them. Thanks so much.
  9. Hello, I downloaded themes from following address: http://www.wisecleaner.com/theme.html I downloaded three themes: http://www.wisecleaner.com/themes/Thinksgiving.wskn http://www.wisecleaner.com/themes/f007_Christmas.wskn http://www.wisecleaner.com/themes/Happy_Easter.wskn
  10. Hello, I downloaded from Wise Center three themes. Next I pasted this files to folder Themes in Wise Care 365. Then I clicked to Themes button in window program selected and tried one after the other downloaded files. Unfortunately all files do not load up. They are not active. Well...why is this happening? Could you help me please?
  11. Hello, I think that my proposal will fall all to the taste I have on the thought of the Wise Care 365 skin. We have Haloween and Xmas motives. We do not have the Easter motive I hope that such skin will appear soon so that they to can use him as they will Holy Easter come Regards, Serenator
  12. Really! I did not turn on this the attention earlier! I apologize for confusion! I great warmly, Serenator
  13. Hello! I noticed differences in colour fonts of buttons name in current version. You can see one of them on screenshot. There are more such examples. Can you check all and fix it to the next update? All fonts in blue? This looks more nicely and is more readable Thanks so much! Best regards, Serenator
  14. What you have the Kaspersky settings? Best to leave on default. Maybe Kaspersky software blocks Wise Care 365? Check this. It is also checking worth as he works on the another computer near such configuration. I have not any problems with it. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 system.
  15. I have Kaspersky Internet Security, too! Wise Care 365 working correctly, any problems with autoupdate! Try to reinstall this application. First use Revo Uninstaller software. This is very good uninstall program and additionally perfectly clean all registry entries. Then install Wise Care 365 once more.
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