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  1. In Previous versions, WiseCare365 contained an option in setttings to 'Minimize to System Tray'; or if you unchecked it, WiseCare would exit and close completely. This was a very useful feature, in that most people dont want your app or anyone else's, running constantly in the background consuming resources all day/night. In the latest version(s) this option has been removed and forces WiseCare to always minimize to the tray when exit button is pressed. Giving users options and flexibility is what makes software great. So it is hard to understand why you would take the time to remove this option from WiseCare. So now to completely exit WiseCare, you must hit the close button in the upper right corner, Then mouse all the way to the bottom of the screen to find the wisecare app in the system tray, then Right click the system tray app, and click exit. This seems needlessly excessive. Please consider re-adding the minimize or exit option back in future releases. Thank You
  2. There used to be a settings option in WiseCare365 that would allow you to select what the close button(upper right corner) does when clicked: either minimize to the system tray or exit the program In later versions that option has been removed and Wise Care now always minimizes to the system tray. This forces the user to take an extra step to exit Wise Care every time they want to close it. They must click Close, then mouse all the way over to the system tray, then right- click the WiseCare tray icon, and click exit to close WiseCare365. Please bring back this option of selecting whether the close button exits the program or minimizes to the system tray.
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