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  1. I really like the new V5 interface it looks excellent, well done. No problems with the program either. Thanks for a great program! Paul
  2. Hello: I tried running chkdsk c: /f which found errors but could not correct them. So, after some time I imaged back to the beginning of March & Wise365 was working fine. Thanks for the help! Thanks Paul ...
  3. Hello :-) I recently used a program called ‘Privazer' & I believe this has broken the Advanced Clean on C:\ only. Nothing happens when I click on it I have totally uninstalled (removing wise registry keys) re-installed Wise365 to no avail as I assume there are hidden registry keys used by yourselves so all info from the registry can't be removed to fix the problem. I've removed Privatizer, I normally have Macrium Reflect images of C:\ but I've messed with the Win 10 Spring Update etc & removed it so can’t image back without a lot of work. (BTW the issues occurred before I messed with MS Spring Update) Any help please?? Kind regards Paul
  4. Two options I have one is for a single button to do all options as in all cleaners, advanced the everything with one single button. (as in Ashampoo WinOptimizer) Also the ability to choose the amount of overwrites as the amount at the moment is unknown when cleaning browser history etc. CCleaner gives five options for overwriting data & that is a totally free program, at the moment I run the free CCleaner first then Wise which is paid for full licence. I understand not every person wants or needs it but I & maybe others do. I know this does not prevent un-deleting by an expert but I work at home & some is confidential & I don't want history to be recovered by another user on this PC, which is why I also use CCleaner. Best wishes .. Paul :-)
  5. It's been fixed in an update today, though what is the point of a forum where no one answers?
  6. I installed the lastest Wise 365 update today & shortly after did a Windows Update, the sizes of the residual files & Wallpaper are hundreds of GiGs wrong, it was OK before the 365 update Not a major issue though. Enclosed a screenshot. Thanks.
  7. I really don't appreciate any adverts on registered (pay for software) Today I got a 50% off ad for all Wise software on the bottom of 365 (registered version) - Twitter, Facebook buttons are already on there which is fair enough & on free software ad's are often the price for it being free, but not on bought software, I find it really annoying. The assistance button is already annoying & now we have adverts added....
  8. It's been nice to see some of the suggestions made about version 3 a few weeks back have been implemented - Thank you !
  9. @ Kevin - Deleting wisetray.exe does seem to work without other issues being caused, hopefully the option to run this should be given IMO as it seems few like it - Thanks !
  10. The update to version 3 has added very little, apart from system information which to be honest is handled much better by a free program 'HW Info' which is far more informative & accurate than 365, (for one example the make of my RAM is Crucial not just A1 that 365 gives) - Very few new cleaning options have been added, if another cleaner is used in between using (such as CCleaner) 365 the program forgets most of the Chrome & IE checked boxes on 6 PC's, yet Wise are unable to replicate this issue - The defragger is still not usable without a boot time option to move files in use by Windows (which several free defraggers give), so I still have to use 'Perfect Disk' the option of adding boot-time defragging to 365 was being considered 2 years ago by Wise - The level of deletion when cleaning should be given as an option rather than just 'secure', once again the free CCleaner gives 5 levels. I now have an unwanted floating widget that floats around on my desk giving me temperatures and appears when it wants to as the option to remove it only works some of the time, it takes 3 separate clicks to close the program totally - The program should by now be 64 bit - I'm sorry to be so negative but much was promised with version & little added except annoyances - 'CCleaner' is free & gives huge improvements over 365 in ability to clean, (esp.with the free Winapp2 addition) it's highly unlikely I will renew my subscription(s) to 365 when due - IMO the developers should have listened to the free feedback given to them during beta testing instead of ignoring most of it, version 3 is buggy still with spelling mistakes etc & looks most unprofessional & should not have been released in it's present form - Most of the planet use Celsus to measure temperature (actually everyone bar the USA) yet to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius requires editing an .ini file & most users won't know how to do this - Why did you ask for feedback of 365 version 3 beta & ignore most of it? Edit: Deleting 'wisetray.exe' as found by Kevin in another thread stops the widget & the unwanted tray icon, doesn't seem to cause issues as it appears to be a child process of the main .exe. Paul
  11. Its a pity the option to have 365 running in the tray or not hasn't been given, it now requires 2 or 3 steps (Where it should take just one) to totally close 365, when I attempt to close 365 using the 'X' in the right hand top I expect it to close, it doesn't close but stays in the tray, worse still right clicking on the tray icon & selecting Exit brings up another box asking if I want to close 365 - Most annoying! The whole idea of buying a program like 365 is to give control over which services etc. I wish to run not adding a tray icon that takes 3 steps to remove.
  12. Yet another update: 3.11.266 - It would really help if a changelog somewhere was given or it's pointless looking for issues as we have no idea what's fixed in a release or not, as my last post latest release still have old language files.
  13. What's with the 3.11 update, it don't say beta on it but the language files for example are still from beta 1?
  14. RE: Wise Boot Assistant - Thanks. Still small problem with text on File Folder Icon:
  15. Wise Boot assistant should be removable, the idea of running utilities like 365 is top cut down on the programs that run on boot, some may not want this boot time to be measured by 365, by actually adding yet another program at boot ! - I use a free program called Autoruns to disable such things on boot but the option to dispense with the boot assistant should be given - Also when I click the close on 365 the program should close immediately & not stay in system tray I feel, this should be an option IMHO BTW:I use Pale Moon as my default browser & have to use another program Cleaner to clean it, I would have thought version 3 would have been an ideal time to add this?
  16. On the main 365 start screen (PC Checkup) clicking the 'System Information 'icon on bottom right hand side actually takes you to the 'Process Monitor' module which is then spelt incorrectly in English (spelt Prcoess should be Process) on top left - 'Process Monitor' icon (again in PC Checkup) needs capitalisation (now 'Process monitor' needs to be 'Process Monitor' - 'Folder File Hider' icon (PC Checkup) capitalisation all wrong & underscored as is 'Quickly Search' icon (small s) 'Computer Information icon has a small i. Also the 'Hide Popup Window' option in the tray always defaults to on (checked) despite being unchecked on previous use, this dialogue box is in default theme colour & word 'popup' needs capitalization. Just very small problems. Regards Paul
  17. No problems so far with the various options & looks a great update! - One though thing I find very annoying is that closing the program merely puts it into the taskbar, & while I appreciate some users want 365 to start with Windows & or like 365 to run in the taskbar when supposedly closed I certainly don't, even more more annoying is that when I right click the taskbar icon to close it I get a dialogue box asking me do I really want to close it? I like as few programs as possible running (cluttering up) OR in my taskbar, please add an option that when I close 365 it really closed it & remove it from the taskbar? Whether or not 365 is using any resources or not I would still like it to close it totally. Regarding the defragmentation option module, I will still have to continue using my other defragger as there is no option to do a boot defrag in 365, this really is needed to defrag Windows files in use & would be a good addition, most other defraggers offer boot defrag. Not meaning to be critical just offering my opinions & overall version 3 is a big improvement.
  18. I read in another forum reply that version 3.x will be released soon - I use the Pro version, in there any news on what changes or new features will be in version 3 please?
  19. Looks like you have the wrong language set-up, you can change the language in 'menu' at the right hand top of 365.
  20. Thanks - And also thanks to support recently when I changed 2 of my PC's & was able to transfer my licence over to them without any hassle - Good product & great support - Thanks!
  21. @admin - Thanks for that. Regards Paul
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