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  1. Good! Score one for the old dog!
  2. Well..THIS rarely happens...I think I fixed it! It may or may not be relevant, but know that I installed WiseCare on an external drive because it seemed to be conflicting with a similar program on my OS drive. FYI. IN THE WISECARE INSTALLATION folder (external drive but it may/should not matter, I renamed "WISETRAY.EXE" to "xWISETRAY.EXE". This is my standard approach to trying to stop an .exe from running before I delete it altogether. I don't think it matters what you re-name it as long as it's different. Voila! This icon is gone and doesn't come back! I'd like to hear if it works for anyone else? Kevin
  3. Very inconvenient if true...and I THINK you're right, xilolee.
  4. I just did a complete OS re-install and am not sure the News WISE cleaner is the cause of this temperature icon that shows up after re-start? That little bug in the upper corner of my screen? How do I turn it off. Not "hide" it, but turn it OFF?
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