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  1. Kevin, Thanks for your "fix" to this annoying problem. I can confirm that adding an "x" in front of wisetray.exe works. The annoying widget is not there when I start-up the computer and it is not there when I launch WC. Just to be clear, this does not prevent WC from launching on start-up, as I have chosen in settings. This does not prevent Turbo booster from running either. All this "fix" does is remove the little widget from the top-right of the desktop. Thanks again for this ingenious fix. I hope the devs will listen to our comments on this and make an exception in the settings category to manually allow for incorporation of widget or not. And to the devs, I actually think the widget interface is designed well. I like its look and its placement on the desktop is good. The problem is that it starts with the program and you are forced to acknowledge it every time. I would use it if I had control over it. Plain and simple. Thanks for a good-looking update to this fine program.
  2. I want to remove the temperature gauge/memory booster widget from the program. I do not see an option to stop this from happening; only an option to hide it. I do not want to have to manually remove this every time I start up the program. Is there a (hidden) option somewhere I am missing? You cannot possibly believe that people will want this on the desktop at all times, can you? Please provide information on how to do this. Otherwise, the new interface looks great. I am enjoying the new look. Thanks for your help on this (annoying) matter.
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