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  1. @the screenshot mp4 1080p has a muted volume icon, which signifies that it has no audio. save from net, have a limited quality support as shown.
  2. Hi, Your system looks capable enough to run it w/o slowing down. @2GB RAM it will take 70% memory usage but yours is 8GB and with a 2.40GHz processor. Your good to go.
  3. Yes, my C drive has enough space and far from being full. Removing junk files for me didn't work. So I did the alternative given by the help options at the error message.
  4. for Code 80070002, I don't know what happened but it seemed to be installed now. for Code 13EC, I downloaded the .exe file through Microsoft Download Center as alternative. It downloaded and installed the update with no error.
  5. Available physical memory: 958 MB You might be using lots of resource. Try using one app at a time and uses low resources. or Upgrading(Purchase) higher Physical Memory.
  6. Open Task Manager and go to Startup tab, or Wise Care 365: System Tuneup -> Startup Manager. (identifies more accurately)
  7. Hi, At your task bar, click the small arrow pointed up, then click customize. (as shown below) It will open "Notification Area Icons" At the behavior column, click and choose "Show icon and notifications" for the Volume icon. then click ok.
  8. Right. I suggest there that a setting or enabler/disabler is to be present for users choice.
  9. Hi, Yes I know, sorry for being confusing but I'm suggest that PC Check-up also should have auto-clean enabler setting without scheduling a clean, the same goes with Common Cleaner and Advanced Cleaner. For time-saving reasons. Will be glad if this suggestion would be recognized and approved. Thank you!
  10. Jayzx


    I also noticed that the 'S' in Fast Search in not in Caps
  11. Jayzx


    In Wise Care 365, there is a ' _ ' (i think) before the word File. I saw it long ago @ v3.2.2 (maybe) and still today @v3.2.5. Either it's normal or a unnoticed typo, I got curios because nobody reported of it and it is still there. Screenshot below:
  12. Can the PC Checkup, Common Cleaner, and Advanced Cleaner have autoclean setting or enable/disable, like in scheduled cleaning?
  13. It just help speed up when using not restarting. Yes. I did.
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