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Manually clear cache - why?


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I've had a paying Wise Care account for a few years now and run an automatic clean-up every morning at 7 when I'm already online.


For the last week or so the process runs smoothily until it's time to clear up whatever it found during the process, and inevitably it tells me I need to manually clear up cache and cookies.


This was always done automatically until about a week ago.


Is it a glitch or is it intentional?


If the latter you really need to state it somewhere because people are likely to become confused especially if they've been using your software for a while.


Thank you!

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Hi cucciolagigio.  :)


Are you running your browser, during the automatic clean-up?

If yes, did you try to close the browser before the clean-up? Or was irrelevant the browser running, a week ago?

As automatic clean-up, do you intend (1) a click on checkup, (2) a scheduled task created with wise care 365, (3) a scheduled task created with windows task scheduler, (4) wise turbo ?

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Sorry, I don't understand what is "a way for wise to clear chrome on its own".

Currently, when you run wise care 365 to scan system, if Chrome or other browser are running, wise care 365 will ask for your action: Close browser or not. If you choose Yes, wise care 365 will close your running browser then continue Scanning, clean browsers cache. BUT, if you choose Don't close browser, wise care 365 will skip this browser, it won't clean this browser cache.

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