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FAQ - How to activate Wise Care 365 Pro


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Many user purchase Wise Care 365 Pro, or get a free key, but they don't know how to enter key to activate Pro version.

If you are one of them, follow me!

1) Download and install the latest version of Wise Care 365. (If you have installed Wise Care 365, skip this step)

2) Run Wise Care 365

3) Click “Full version” button on the upper right.


4) Enter your name, email, and your license key (copy & paste) in the form.

5) Click 'Register'to activate the full version.

6) If you still don't clearly, please call our 24x7 line for help.

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translated from french:

When I enter my email in text form, I always get my email address is wrong and that the product does not want to activate as you can see in the attached photo (https://imageshack.com/i/mvxr06p ), so please how do I activate my product ...


If I see correctly your screenshot, you can't insert @ between your username and gmail.com.

Is this correct?

Write your full email in notepad, as an example, and later copy/paste it in that wise care 365 form.

It is an already reported problem (I hope developers will fix it soon).

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Wise Care 365 CAN NOT be activated with a pirated key. 

If you try to register with a pirated key, you will receive the error message "Cannot find your registration information" or "Invalid license key".



If you activate Wise Care 365 by cracking, you will receive a warning message every time you open Wise Care 365. "You are possibly a victim of pirated license key...". Please CLICK HERE to fix this issue.


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