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  1. This is the hardware issue. Contact to your service provider or go to local work-shop
  2. contact directly to the team of wise cleaner
  3. Contact to support member or visit the help section, there you will get the solution of your problem.
  4. Go to Google & search for it. Even you can get an answer from the team.
  5. contact with Google team & tell the problem. They will solve you
  6. Check your USB port may be that external hard drive is corrupt.
  7. Antivirus like avast and others stop some program & application.
  8. If you are facing the virus problem issue, then use good anti-virus software.
  9. talk with Microsoft CC. They will solve the issue.
  10. Delete cache files of computer as well as browser.
  11. This is not a great issue. Windows laptop sometimes freezes for a little.
  12. You should not use internet explorer. That browser is too old. Still, you can do one thing. delete the caches & use it again.
  13. Either you are using duplicate os or login properly. second delete the OS & upload once again
  14. Upload the OS once again in good way. or there is bad pixel display
  15. Upgrade to new version of windows. or you are using duplicate version.
  16. Your files are lacking some information. don't copy the only installer. Copy all the source code & then after paste into it.
  17. Remove junk files & temporary files from this. Then it will enhance the performance
  18. You can't upgrade duplicate windows. For that, you have to purchase the original. Otherwise, Microsoft will block you
  19. Go to Google and type this, you will get many solutions.
  20. You should use SFC and SUR (Microsoft) tools to solve problems of windows update.
  21. Maybe your processor is not supporting the game. Upgrade the processor
  22. Yes, It may ve. Install good anti-virus software. Before that do me thing, delete all temporary files by clicking on start and type %tmp% and delete all the files. It won't affect your any main file.
  23. Update the OS once again. Maybe you are missing some files. that's why you are getting this kind of problem.
  24. There are many junk files who take space. Delete them all. Delete all files from recyclebin also
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