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  1. Hello, It would be great if Wise Care 365 can have the feature of cleaning for all user accounts ("multi-user" full cleaning) when running from an administrator account. Now, that feature is only for the Registry Cleaner. The idea is that this capability be applied to all Wise Care 365 modules such as Useless files, Privacy traces and the rest of the tools. (That feature of full multi-user cleaning is nicely present in CCleaner, where you can select the user or users and the program will work for that selection in all of its tools).
  2. Hi, I would like to know if you have advanced in my suggestion about the mentioned feature related with multi-user account support. Then, Wise Disk Cleaner should be able to clean garbage of all user accounts when running from an administrator account. On the other hand, it would be nice too if Wise Care 365 can have the same feature of full cleaning for all user accounts. At the moment, the multi-user feature is only present for the Registry cleaner. According to your updating7upgrading plans, will we be able to have definitly this feature shortly? (In WDC or/and WC365). Thanks
  3. Hi, It would be great if Wise Disk Cleaner can have the feature of cleaning for all user accounts when running from an administrator account. On the other hand it would be nice too if WDC can have the same setting system of Wise Care 365 for the ítem exclusion (this is more interesting, nice and clear in Wise Care 365 than in Wise Disk Cleaner). Maybe this kind of improvement in Wise Disk Cleaner can derivate in a Pro version (paid) as the case of the Wise Registry Cleaner. Thanks
  4. Hello, Could you please tell me which is the function of Setting / Custom Checkup? I thought that unchecked items shouldn´t appear in the associated cleaning tools but I saw that these Custom Checkup settings don´t affect the item list nor the results after scanning. I tried unchecking all items or checking all of them and the scanning results for all the respective cleaning tools were the same. I didn´t find enough information in the Help documentation. Thanks
  5. Hello, I saw that Wise Care 365 has the function of cleaning all user accounts only for the Registry Cleaner tool. The question is: Are in your plans to update Wise Care 365 to work on all user account for all kinds of cleaning aside from the Registry Cleaner? (example: Common Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and the rest of tools where all user accounts have something to fix or delete) Thanks
  6. Hello Tank you for the explanation. I´m not using the new Edge (development stage), I prefer to wait to the stable version release. The question was just to know according to what is coming in the short term.
  7. Hello wisecleaner_admin Could you please tell us any comments about my last question ("=dir" appears in all imported items). Thanks!
  8. Hello, I´d like to say that when Import a list of exclusion elements from a txt file, the file "exclusions.dat" contain all of that elements followed by "=dir", including the cookies and file types. Example to the encountered text in the file "exclusions.dat" after importing: [ExtList] C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\=dir mercadolibre.com=dir aliexpress.com=dir wrike.com=dir google.com=dir youtube.com=dir *.bak=dir *.tmp=dir Is this correct? Is "=dir" applicable to cookies and file types too? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello It´s understood. Thanks for all the comments. Do you think that this issue could be solved in the new Chromium based Edge to be released in a few months?
  10. Hello, It´s understood. Thank you for the clear explanations. I hope you can make this improvement, that sure it will enhanced even more the nice features and design of this excellent software.
  11. Hello, I dont´t have any of these elements (folder and keys). The only Chrome related elements (only keys) that I have in my system are the mentioned ones in the first post.
  12. Hello, I would like to comment a possible issue to improve. I don´t have Google Chrome but items related to it are present in the Common Cleaner. I think that WDC is detecting some registry keys related to Chrome but I investigated that they are by default in last versions of Windows 10, but they aren´t related to an installed Google Chrome browser: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\com.microsoft.browsercore HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\com.microsoft.browsercore HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\com.microsoft.browsercore HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\com.microsoft.browsercore HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3181948475-125578601-1010058708-1001\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\com.microsoft.browsercore These keys are part of the OS and I guess WDC is associating them to the Chrome browser. Most of those keys are protected by the system and firstly you can´t delete. But for testing, I tried with a software for deleting blocked registry keys ('registry_deleteex_portable'). I deleted them and WDC didn´t show the Chrome items. (In addition, I used Opera browser and Common Cleaner showed the Opera items. I uninstalled the Opera browser, deleted the registry remnants and then WDC didn´t show the associated items anymore). Conclusion: without those mentioned Google keys in the Windows Registry, WDC/Common Cleaner doesn´t detect the Chrome as installed, so the Common Cleaner doesn´t show the items related to Chrome. If that is the explanation, so WDC should detect more specific keys of a real installed Chrome to avoid showing a false browser items to clean. Regards,
  13. Hello, Thank you for the support. I checked last version and the issue persists. (I don´t know if the correction of this issue was in your plans for that update or if it will be in next update). Regards
  14. I confirm that the issue of this topic was fixed in last version Thank you
  15. Hello, Yes, that method does work. Thanks!
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