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  1. Hi, i have a 3 PC license. If i use the key on the 4th PC, will it accept and automatically kick the 1st PC with the license out? I won't overuse my license, just that i reinstall windows.
  2. Btw, usually I can update immediately when a new version is released. But this time I'm still stuck in v5.8.1, click "Check for Updates" and it tells me I'm using the latest..
  3. Hi, I have the following suggestions: 1. Manage scheduled tasks. 2. Switch default action from "Allow" to "Block" in Wise Protection, or let us choose which action should be the default. 3. Easily add startup entries to block list, to prevent them from being enabled again. Thank you.
  4. "sam" is the administrator and the only account in this computer. Please see the attached screenshots.
  5. Please see the attached screenshot. First is the unsuccessful uninstallation using Wise Uninstaller. Then unsuccessful uninstallation using the uninstaller exe in the program folder.
  6. Unable to uninstall, either by the uninstaller .exe in the program folder or by the safe uninstall option in Wise Uninstaller. I had to use forced uninstall option.
  7. It's great that the program automatically creates caption for the step, but would be nice to be able to edit the step caption, for better explanation to the audience.
  8. It is currently either full screen or rectangle capture. Would be nice to be able to capture a specific window.
  9. In Operating System and Hardware Overview, I would love to have the ability to copy the chosen value as well as export all values to a text or csv file. It is convenient for others to know your system and offer troubleshooting advice. Thanks.
  10. As the title suggests, it doesn't feel right for me to have a password generator in a system optimizer/cleaner like Wise Care. Moving it to Wise Toys seems more appropriate. Thanks.
  11. Also if Wise can verify the digital signers of startup items, schedule tasks, services and running processes, and check them against VirusTotal, like in Autoruns and Process Explorer. That would be great. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Would you consider adding a disk usage analyzer like WinDirStat or TreeSize? I think the basics is already there with Big File Manager. Thanks.
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