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  1. More simple impossible! It would be cool to have as a download subtitles of the video.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Ah! Taking advantage is a suggestion for a better compatilidade with KeePass
  3. If by chance the file / folder remain hidden after performing a clean install would only install the program again to see again? Excuse me did not find anything in the documentation
  4. Hi, I'm using it as a portable version now for preocaução and with system protection turned off. Ah! How to use portable, if you have an update you need to install locally in order to regenerate the portable version? Thank you very much
  5. I'm now using only the portable version without Real Time Protection enabled. Until the moment, everything is fine.
  6. Hi, My Windows 7 is encrypted with VeraCrypt, but I think because of real time protection may have affected an encrypted partition. Well, I had to perform a restore and this partition would not open without the Wise installed received a message that is "System Event Notification Service" can not be started. Does "real time protection" function could be affected? Anyway it came only happen when installed Wise Care.
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