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  1. That fixed it! Thank you so much. I'm very impressed, and very thankful. More places, companies, and businesses should be like you. I did not buy anything from you, yet you helped me anyway. All I hear is good things about you software. MajorGeeks.com sang your praises. Now I see you have fantastic customer service as well. I will definitely spread the word about your software and your customer support. Thanks again! Regards, J. Steed
  2. PROBLEM: Access violation at address 00431b03 module "WiseBooster.exe". Read of address 005c50a4 I am using: WiseCare 365 3.9.3 Pro My Laptop: Windows 7 professional 64-bit SP1 Intel Core i5 @ 1,70Ghz\ 8g ram Hewlett Packard 2282 (Mother Brd) I know it's an older version of WISE CARE Pro, but I got this PRO version Free from Majorgeeks as a Christmas present Last year. They had a give-away promotion or something like that. Basically it was free and they said I would not be able to upgrade unless I buy the pro version. Is upgrading the only fix for this? It just started giving me this annoying error message when I booted up today. Thank you For your help, J Steed
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