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I have tried various Wise cleaner products both Free and Pro(via giveaway) and like most of the utilities. However I am not a fan of resident utilities that "protect" or monitor the system etc..


The short of it is I am trying to revert from a Wise Cleaner 365 Pro giveaway version to the Free Portable version. Mainly I use the Registry Cleaner and on occasion the Reg Defrag. Here is my problem. No matter that I uninstall the Pro version, scrub the registry, install the free version portable and not portable.. no matter what I get the Nag Screen from about 2 months out from expiration date.


This does not make it fun to use the software. Since the registry is scrubbed I have to assume one of the Giveaway versions installed something on my system to cause any version of the program to "call home" and hook up with the database there.


I do not expect to get the Pro version for free forever. But I would like to get the Free version for Free. Now I am in the position of being worse off than anyone who never tried the Pro version and just happily used the Free version. It seems counterintuitive as a marketing technique, not to mention annoying.


So is there any way to scrub the malware from my system?


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Hi MilesAhead. :)


If you don't like WiseCare365 protect function, just click on it and it will be disabled.

If you only intend to use the registry cleaner and defrag, you can download WiseRegistryCleaner portable (directly from wisecleaner website, download page).

If you update WiseCare365 to the latest version, the PRO status should automatically be removed... Because the giveaway versions have usually this limitation.

Did you install WiseCare365 from giveawayoftheday.com or from another website?


By the way, if you still won't be able to remove the PRO status, let me/us know.

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Thank you for the response. I tried installing Wise Care 365 Free one more time. Now it tells me there is an update to Pro available. So it seems it is in fact the free version. All is well as far as I can tell.


I know I can do the individual registry and disk cleaners. But the UI for Wise Care just seems more pleasant to use. It's just an eye candy thing.


I also downloaded the new Wise Uninstaller. I haven't had the need to try it yet. But next time I need that function I will do so.

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