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It could be a coincidence, however ...

Since I recently installed and ran WiseCare Pro on both my laptop and my desktop, my computers cannot see my networked printer and my printer cannot see them.  I have a work laptop without WiseCarePro and it can see the printer and the printer can see it.  My printer, desktop, and work laptop are all hard-wired, ethernet, my laptop is wireless. 

Any suggestions how to fix?  I do not ant to have to use a USB to transfer all files to print, then carry the usb across the house to my home office, wake up work laptop, plug in the USB, and then print the requisite file(s).  Help?  I did run Wise Care Pro to reset windoes with the Wise Care 1st Aid so wondering IF something has to be reinstalled? 

The printer is still listed in printers and Devices of Windows 7 OS.  And document programs can see the installed printer on the computer, but does not see the actual printer on the network, it appears ... :( :( :(

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