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    IrvingFies reacted to Config in Ease all your browsers at once --- Wise Plugin Manager on the way! (New Product Preview)   
    New Product Preview:
    WiseCleaner.com is about to release a new freeware named Wise Plugin Manager!
    Be the first to experience the beta version & Ease all your browsers at once!
    Direct download: http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/WPMSetup_beta.exe
    Tell us whether you like it! ( or  ) 
    Your valuable feedback makes the new-born better!
    Thank you in advance!   

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    IrvingFies reacted to brim in Safely Removing Wise Folder Hider Portable   
    Fine application.
    I've used WFH portable for about a week, but it's now experiencing problems soon after I open it.
    It may not be compatible with my system and system applications - it "freezes" after opening a file, or a video, or starting an application - can't be sure yet.
    It's not on the system, so I can't use Add/Remove.
    I would like to research this problem, but in the meantime I wish to safely remove WFH, with all files left safely accessible on the Flash Drive.
    Does anyone know how to do this with access to all files currently protected by it, assured?
    Appreciate the assistance.
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    IrvingFies reacted to zebreniuc in Wise Folder Hider: I reinstalled OS, can't recover files   
    I had Windows XP, reinstalled it because I had lag, then I formatted my drives.
    I used Recuva and I could recover almost anything, except for the files I had hidden with Wise Folder Hider.
    Is there any chance to get them back.? They were really important...
    I'd really appreciate your help
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    IrvingFies reacted to schatterjee in Wise memory optimizer - access violation   
    how to solve this problem

    Operating system:Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit)
    System root: C:\Windows
    Available physical memory: 2005 MB
    CPU: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
    Drive Info:
    C: 36.96 GB
    D: 80.00 GB
    F: 284.01 GB
    G: 567.50 GB
    Internet Explorer: 11.0
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    IrvingFies reacted to Marcelord in Wise Folder Hider - Unhide problem   
    Hi, sorry for my bad english   (i speak Spanish)
    I had installed Wise Folder Hider when using XP, but now i have Windows 7, the problem is that i forget unhide my folders before install Windows 7, and now i can't access my folders that i had hide before on XP. The hiden folders are not displayed today when i execute Wise Folder Hider.
    How can i unhide my folders now?
    Thank you so much!
    //This solution don't works for me 
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    IrvingFies reacted to 1bruce in whf   
    this is the first time ive posted anything,so here goes. is there a way of having two separate folders so i can hide files in one folder and different files in the other folder? ( if i have a laptop i use at work and at home )
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    IrvingFies reacted to Config in WiseGameBooster feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Would you please help us improve Wise Game Booster?
    The imformation shared from a real gamer helps a lot for the software!
    We are now collecting original exe file names of games to further improve Wise Game Booster.
    How to:
    1. Find the shortcut icon of your game and right-click it.
    2. Click "Properties" in the context menu.
    3. Find "Target", copy the highlighted part (as in the 1st pic attached) and send it to us.
    You can either paste it here or send via email.
    The names in the 2nd attached pic are examples.
    The more names you can provide, the better you can help improve Wise Game Booster!
    Thank you in advance!
    Wise Game Booster, empowered with your valuable info, will further help your games back!

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    IrvingFies reacted to JuampyXnaker in Wise Memory Optimizer command lines   
    Hi guys, I just want to ask which are the command lines that I can use in the application's shortcut?
    So I can create new tasks of it as I want.
    Thanks anyway for reading!
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    IrvingFies reacted to Ralf in WiseFolderHider feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    I´m using hidden folders into another hidden folders.
    To open this last folder, i have first to unhide the main folder complete..
    Is there a possibility to refresh the folder list after click "open" without "unhide" the hidden main folder permanent?
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    IrvingFies reacted to Deem in Wise Folder Hider- Unhide Problem..Folder Gone   
    Hi, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and had an up to date Wise Folder Hider.
    Here's the problem:
    1. I opened WFH and un-hid my folder which then immediately popped open as normal..
    2. I accidentally then closed WFH, so the folder I had just opened went blank, which has happened to me before.
    3. In the past all I would have to do is open up WFH again and unhide the folder again and everything would be fine... so I did
        However, this time when I tried to un-hide the folder I got the message "can't unhide folder."
    4. Okay, so I close everything again thinking that this is just some random error, but when I open WFH it shows no folders being currently hidden.
        Hmmm.. now.. this has ALSO happened to me before and I would just have re-hide the folder but now the folder is gone from it's original place as if it        were still hidden.
    So there is no original folder and WFH is showing that it's not currently hiding anything...wtf?
    I've looked through the forums and tried using Wise Data Recovery as suggested here: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/8-how-to-get-back-the-wfh-files/
    but when using that program there is no folder "...." since WFH is showing that it's technically not hiding anything...
    So.. not really sure what to do now. It seems like through some weird series of events my folder has been magically deleted.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    IrvingFies reacted to PocketAppZ in WiseJetSearch feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    I'd like to see the addition of an Options menu for these two purposes:
    1. Option to hide removable drives from drive-select menu.
    2. Option to select only the OS drive by default upon program start.
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    IrvingFies reacted to Wisenkind in Folder Hider built a ghost folder named "...."   
    Is it a bug or a feature, please?
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    IrvingFies reacted to ozzzy in Wise Folder Hider 3.12 bugs   
    There is an old bug again. Hidden folders can be seen in programs like WinRAR...also, beside that, someone can delete those folders in WinRAR, so they're not protected either.
    And sometimes I get an error message when I try to hide some folder.
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    IrvingFies reacted to death drive in Wise Folder Hider - Unhide problem   
    how to add pictures in it?

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    IrvingFies reacted to Ysalys in >>>>>Wise Auto Shutdown "Daily" Feature Keeps flipping from AM to PM   
    This is something that will make me end up removing this Program from my system, and telling everyone I know, including ALL my customers to STAY AWAY from Wise products. 
    I set it to turn off daily, at 12:00 AM, (That's Midnight) and within a couple days, it flips itself to 12:00 PM, and shuts down my system at NOON, when I have important documents up, and am not at the computer for a few minutes.  This has been DEVISTATING to my business!!!!!
    I run a kennel, and OFTEN, my canine children will call me away from the computer for an emergency, and I haven't saved the document I may have just pulled up, or created.  I have back up battery power, so a power outage will not even make me lose anything.  Your Product has, so far, made me lose over $3500.00 in customers.  This is UNACCEPTABLE!
    Can this be fixed, or do I need to uninstall, and put the word out to everyone, to avoid your products?  I am furious, and have lost customer's information over this, including orders!!!!!!  Losing business documents is not anything that ANYONE can afford.  UGH!!!!!
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    IrvingFies reacted to abcdefgh in WiseProgramUninstaller feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Hello, a few weeks ago i downloaded WPU & start using it, love it.... yeah   After using it for a while, i had a few problem, finally fixed it... in that time got some ideas what could be done to improve it.
    + add BACKUP & RESTORE buttons
    + before UNINSTALLING the program - BACKUP should be done AUTOMATICAL
    + add SETTINGS button
    + would be nice, if i could change SKIN / COLOR
    + how come there is no regular updates? http://www.wisecleaner.com/blog_sort_11.html
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    IrvingFies reacted to lewb41 in Wise Jet Search - Open Folder   
    I am using the latest version of JetSearch on a Windows 7 Home Premium with the latest updates.
    I enter a search subject and click on search and it locates appropriate files on the hard drive and an attached flash drive.
    Sometimes when I right click on a selection and then click on open folder, it doesn't take to  me the folder with file highlighted as it normally does.  It just lists a group folders that are not applicable.
    I have tried different things to see if it has an effect on causing or not causing this problem.
    It usually works correctly for the next searched for topic but then may error on another search.
    I love the program.
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    IrvingFies reacted to ishaanpatil in FORMAT HDD , ONLY .... 4DOTS INACCESSIBLE   
    Hello Everybody,
    I formatted my OS Disk (C Drive) and the DATA was in E Drive.
    But now the Folder is Like Four Dots (....)
    I know the Software Wise Data Recovery. 
    But there is 1500 GB of Data in my E drive Folder.
    I Want to just access that folder without recovery mode.
    Please Suggest me the Solution.
    I will be grateful to you.
    Thanks for Reading these note.

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    IrvingFies reacted to wiz011 in WiseCleaner Tools doesn't detect files on D partiton   
    Since beginning of Wise tools I have issues with D partition of my hard disk. Most of Wise tools simply doesn't detect any file on D.

    Wise Data Recovery found 0 files on D (in fact, there is a lot of files and two folders hidden with Wise Folder Hidder). The same is with the Advanced Cleaner and Disk Eraser in Wise Care 365. Wise Jet Search doesn't find any file too.

    D is a huge 871 GB partition and I suppose that the size causes issues with Wise Tools, but all other programs properly detect all files and folders on D (as example Everything and Locate used for searching files).
    Windows XP Professional SP3

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    IrvingFies reacted to AmonRa61 in I remember starting password but lock pass ?   
    I am using Wise Folder Hider. I remember starting password but i forgot second lock pasword. What can i do ?
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    IrvingFies reacted to Config in How to get back the WFH files?   
    Files hidden with WFH will not be lost in your devices.  However, sometimes you do cannot find them  either because you forgot the password  or your operating system changed  . In this case, please follow the steps below to retrieve your files:
    1. Unzip and install the file downloaded from the link below.
    2. Open the main surface of the tool, choose the drive you used to place the files hidden. Then click "Search".
    3. Find a folder named "...." (or, similar [[[[) in the left column. Then click the arrows below until you find the folder named "hide". (P.S. in the search box, do not enter any words!)
    4. Click on the folder named "hide", a list of files will show up in the right.
    5. Select the files you want to retrieve
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    IrvingFies reacted to colinstancliffe in [Wise PC 1st Aid] Cant run itunes   
    Used wise PC to speed up computor yesterday now I can open itunes?
    Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1
    System root: C:\Windows
    Available physical memory: 7656 MB
    CPU: Intel® Pentium® CPU G630 @ 2.70GHz
    Drive Info:
    C: 931.41 GB
    Internet Explorer: 11.0
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    IrvingFies reacted to weibullman in WiseDataRecovery feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    [wise data recovery] No pictures found by WDR
    Tried to recover pictures with Wise recovery data... no files found. Used a FREE data recovery program and they recovered all of the pics... what kind of files DOES Wise Data Recovery recover??? Obviously not .jpgs...
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    IrvingFies reacted to Monil in Data recovery from WHF   
    Dear Team,
    I had earlier installed wise folder hider and used it for quite a while to hide files.
    Recently, for some reason, I had to format my Hard-disk. However, I had backed up all my data (included hidden folders).
    Now after restoring all the data and re-installing WHF; I am unable find my hidden files.
    I have not deleted or skipped any filed while backing up the data.
    Please help me get back that data as it is very important to me.
    Awaiting for a positive reply.
    Thanks and regards,
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