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  1. Thanks. It is possible that having ordering option could be an added feature in the future?
  2. Thanks again Xilo. Can't imagine anyone else experiencing this issue. It still freezes/crashes, but it's something about my personal security config. Probably staring me in the face, but system is standard yet different. Let me ask this. Can you place the files in WFH in order by "Type", or some other order?
  3. Thanks Xilo. I understand, but if I simply delete/remove the portable edition will I lose any files? I'm concerned because the hidden or open status of files changes without my input, sometimes after reboot, sometimes just closing and reopening the app. In other words, do I need to open all files, copy them to a folder on the flash drive and then remove/delete the app?
  4. Fine application. I've used WFH portable for about a week, but it's now experiencing problems soon after I open it. It may not be compatible with my system and system applications - it "freezes" after opening a file, or a video, or starting an application - can't be sure yet. It's not on the system, so I can't use Add/Remove. I would like to research this problem, but in the meantime I wish to safely remove WFH, with all files left safely accessible on the Flash Drive. Does anyone know how to do this with access to all files currently protected by it, assured? Appreciate the assistance. Cheers.
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