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  1. After I do a search my page looks like the top half of your attachments. It doesn't give me a choice of whether to click on the name (file) or the path (folder). The whole line is blue and it doesn't matter where along it I click. I usually left click before i right click to get the drop down menu. I have also just left clicked on the line to get the drop down menu and the same. I have even tried left clicking on the line at various spots and doesn't seem to make a difference. When it doesn't go to the correct folder it lists the group of folders in my user area and highlights the "My D
  2. I am using the latest version of JetSearch on a Windows 7 Home Premium with the latest updates. I enter a search subject and click on search and it locates appropriate files on the hard drive and an attached flash drive. Sometimes when I right click on a selection and then click on open folder, it doesn't take to me the folder with file highlighted as it normally does. It just lists a group folders that are not applicable. I have tried different things to see if it has an effect on causing or not causing this problem. It usually works correctly for the next searched for topic
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