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  1. This is something that will make me end up removing this Program from my system, and telling everyone I know, including ALL my customers to STAY AWAY from Wise products. I set it to turn off daily, at 12:00 AM, (That's Midnight) and within a couple days, it flips itself to 12:00 PM, and shuts down my system at NOON, when I have important documents up, and am not at the computer for a few minutes. This has been DEVISTATING to my business!!!!! I run a kennel, and OFTEN, my canine children will call me away from the computer for an emergency, and I haven't saved the document I may have just pulled up, or created. I have back up battery power, so a power outage will not even make me lose anything. Your Product has, so far, made me lose over $3500.00 in customers. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Can this be fixed, or do I need to uninstall, and put the word out to everyone, to avoid your products? I am furious, and have lost customer's information over this, including orders!!!!!! Losing business documents is not anything that ANYONE can afford. UGH!!!!!
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