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  1. There is an old bug again. Hidden folders can be seen in programs like WinRAR...also, beside that, someone can delete those folders in WinRAR, so they're not protected either. And sometimes I get an error message when I try to hide some folder.
  2. Ok, so, sometimes folder can be hidden, and sometimes I get an error...I use Windows 8.1, and UAC is completely disabled from registry also. I didn't had those kind of problems with the previous releases on the same system. Only sometimes, but rarely. And second...I see that you really enhanced filter function, because now I cannot see files in folder "..." under WinRAR...BUT, now, that folder can be deleted, along with all hidden files...can this be protected somehow?
  3. In WinRaR, you can find and access all the files that are hidden. It's dissapointing. Didn't tested with Picasa, but who knows. It would be nice to fix this bug.
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