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Folder Hider built a ghost folder named "...."


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I did another test.

1) I checked my c: size without hidden folders: 153 937 801 216 bytes used

2) I checked my c: size with a hidden folder (about 85MB - 11 MP3): 153 938 636 800 bytes used

Difference: 835 584 bytes

3) I checked my c: size with another hidden folder (about 239MB - 30 MP3): 153 938 821 120 bytes used

Difference: 1 019 904 bytes

(previous folder at point 2 has been removed by me)


Conclusion: I lost about 1MB after I hidden about 240MB.

Hence, in theory (because I didn't try it), we'll lose (about) 4MB for every 1GB, or 4GB for every 1TB.



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Thank you, Xilo!


On B:\ there is only one hidden folder (opened: 221 MB),

but the dot foldersize on B:\ seems to be more than 400 MB...

On E:\ there is a hidden folder (opened: 302 MB),

and the dot folder size on E:\ seems to be more than 1600 MB!!!

I think, this is too much, isn't it?wzg9mfa1eci.jpg

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Thank you for your answers!

... the steps you have done to check the hard disks spaces (like in the previous posts)?

  1. Open the used partition on the disk
  2. Let show all system files
  3. Mark the used partition (Alt+Enter) & screenshot
  4. Mark all files and folders without the dot folder (Alt+Enter) & screenshot
  5. Open with the wise tool the hided folder from this partition, mark it (Alt+Enter) & screenshot ...
  6. ... and wrote the problem to [email protected], waiting for an answer ...
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Ok, I did another try similar to yours.


I checked:

1) properties of c:

2) properties of all files


Later, I hid the same 239MB folder (of Yesterday), then I:

1) checked the same two Windows, properties of c: and properties of all files, because I didn't close them

2) closed those two Windows and checked properties of c:

3) checked properties of all files but the ....

4) like above, but after few minutes


Hence in my first screenshot you'll see (in bytes):

Used space of c: --> 149 523 709 952

Size of everything --> 141 296 389 511


Used space of c: --> 149 523 599 360 (decreased 110 592)

Size of everything but the .... --> 141 296 389 511 (same size, same number of files and folders)


Used space of c: --> 149 523 574 784 (decreased 24 576, using the previous data; decreased 135 168, using first data)

Size of everything but the .... --> 141 025 353 464 (28 less files, 1 less folder: the hidden folder contains 31 files; decreased 271 036 047)

Size of everything but the .... (after few minutes) --> 141 046 900 316 (6 more files: it is evident that Windows creates new log files in the meanwhile, hence there was 3 new files in the previous check; increased 21 546 852)







Hence, I wonder where are those about 8GB when I don't have any hidden files/folders, in the first screenshot.

Guessing, I think that the file/folders, which I have no access, are not counted.

Could it be the same thing happens to you?

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Thank you, dear Xilo,


but I don't wanna work so much of my time with strange things of a new software ;-)

I'd delete all hidden files from e:\ and got much more place back, as the volume of the deleted files...

I'll show, if and than what the support will answer me.


A very nice evening for you

and my best wishes from Bavaria


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