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Data recovery from WHF


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Dear Team,


I had earlier installed wise folder hider and used it for quite a while to hide files.


Recently, for some reason, I had to format my Hard-disk. However, I had backed up all my data (included hidden folders).


Now after restoring all the data and re-installing WHF; I am unable find my hidden files.


I have not deleted or skipped any filed while backing up the data.


Please help me get back that data as it is very important to me.


Awaiting for a positive reply.


Thanks and regards,


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Data Recovery is one of the best software in the world. With it, you can restore the deleted files including photos, videos, music, etc. which are from hard drives, folders, USB drives or other data storage devices.


Here are several kinds of recovery you need:

1. Undeleted Recovery. If you want to recover files or folders that were intentionally deleted, choose this option.

2. Damaged Partition Recovery is for retriving files on the re-formatted or damaged partition.

3. Lost Partition Recovery serves to regain data from lost or deleted partitions.

4. Digital Media Recovery. If you need to get back data from a digital media, select this mode.

5. CD/DVD Recovery is for recovering data from a CD/DVD disk.


Data Recovery satisfies your need to retrieve different kinds of data from various drives or devices. IfCoupons.com offers a large amount of Data Recovery Coupons and Promo Codes recommended.

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