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    AlexissEn reacted to UCanFixIt in WDC Update v8.11 to v8.12 Bug   
    I was running WDC v8.11 and received a notification that an update was available (v8.12). I was delightfully surprised that the downloaded installer auto-updated my current installation to v8.12 (instead of just downloading a new executable); however, it neglected to update the version in the installed/uninstalled program listings (remained at v8.11). Running Win 8.1, Update 1, fully patched with latest Win Updates.
    I also rebooted (after the above) and the version remained at v8.11 (in the installed/uninstalled program listings).
    I then downloaded the full v8.12 installer (manually), and ran it over-top of the current installation (v8.12), and that correctly updated my version to v8.12 in the installed/uninstalled program listings.
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    AlexissEn reacted to The-Night in white list   
    Good morning, do you think if we insert a white list in the optimization section? It would not be a bad idea if you could ignore an "error" detected by the program Wise Registy Cleaner.

    Let me know.
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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in BUG in ShareDLLs - Missing shared dynamic-link libraries   
    When WRC finds a value in this section, it removes ALL the values in:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls (if the missing value is in this key)
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls (if the missing value is in this key)
    It should remove only the found value/s (or not?).
    This behaviour is also present in WiseCare365.
    Video: WRC-SharedDLLs.HEVC.zip (It should be unzipped and it can be viewed with VLC x64 2.2.1)
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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in Wise Registry Cleaner 9 Beta is released   
    Beta period ended.
    Topic closed and unpinned.
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    AlexissEn reacted to KNRover in Retaining 'Run' commands   
    I'm new to Wise Registry Cleaner. Installed it because of the very high ratings for it. I like what it does, save one thing: It zaps all of the 'Run' commands I've run, and would like to retain. Is there some way to exclude Run commands from Wise's registry cleaning?
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    AlexissEn reacted to The-Night in Bug   
    Good morning, he says it is not optimized, but does not explain what.
    immagine rimossa
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    AlexissEn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Registry Cleaner 8 beta is released   
    Dear users,
    Good news here!
    Wise Registry Cleaner 8.0 is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release. 
    Click Here to try WRC 8.0
    You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified. 
    Thanks in advance!
    Hope you like it!
    Best Regards,
    WiseCleaner.com Team
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    AlexissEn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Registry Cleaner 9 Beta is released   
    Dear users,
    Good news here!
    Wise Registry Cleaner 9 is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release.
    Click Here to try WRC 9.
    You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified.
    Thanks in advance!
    New changes in v9.04, update date: 02-23-2016
    ​1, Fixed the issue in Export report.
    ​2, Improved language displaying
    Hope you like it!
    Best Regards,
    WiseCleaner.com Team

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    AlexissEn reacted to Karolo82 in Registry Defrag dosen't work   
    I can't use Defragmentation option while using Wisecleaner.
    After clicking on Analyse button i receive information about the degree of registry degragmentation but after clicking on Defrag button i see the following message : "An error occurs: Failure to restore". My computer screen dosen't turn grey as it used while performing degramentation Instead, my computer reboots but after that there is no change or sign that the defragmentation took place.
    Any idea why it happens?. I didn't have such a problem before.
    Thanks for any reply.
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    AlexissEn reacted to Jirsen in Blue dead   
    It often becomes blue death. The description shows that it causes wisecare.sys. I do not know the exact file name. What with this?
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    AlexissEn reacted to rviyeruk in Defragging Policy for SSDs   
    I could not find any reference to solid state drives. Normally one would expect the software to detect if the drive in question is solid state, in which case defragging should be disabled automatically. Not finding such an assurance I am wary of clicking on the registry cleaner and drive cleaner utilities build into this software. What IS the software author's policy on this?
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    AlexissEn reacted to ajdlga in I am trying to use your registry cleaner but all I got is: the file name, directory name or volume label sintax are incorrect   
    System: Windows 7
    Specific error: the file name, directory name or volumen sintax are incorrect
    Recent changes: I thought it would be easy the environment variable: Path and now i can´t run any program, not even the wise cleaner
    So far, I have tried Dos commands to restore Path with no success
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    AlexissEn reacted to J.P in A useful information   
    To all and new members.
    It will help us incredibly much if you describe what operating system you have
    and perhaps its hardware. You can do it in 'Signature' box. Here is how:
    1. Top right click on your name.
    2. Select 'My Settings'.
    3. 'Signature' on the left (center)
    In this way we can better take us to the 'root' of the problem and then solve it faster.
    Thank you in advance
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    AlexissEn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in FAQ regarding using Wise Registry Cleaner (Please read this before starting a new Topic)   
    Dear Users,

    In order to help you find your answers regarding using Wise Registry Cleaner in a more efficient way, starting from today, all the most frequently asked questions and their answers will be assembled here under this post.

    Please make sure you have searched in this post for your answer first before starting a new Topic.

    Unlimited topics will be added here until… Wise Registry Cleaner is perfect and users are all familiar with it. 

    Further questions/suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    The top-right X problem seems to be already fixed in the last version, 9.15.589.
    This also seems a bug: [bUG WinServer2012] Registry cleaner crash file association (click)
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    AlexissEn reacted to 11Al in Auto cleanup not works   
    I have this problem with RG Portable version, the RG icon appears in system tray and then disappears after a few seconds. No message. After this I check manually, it deleted nothing. It doesn't work at all. Then I checked in the Windows TaskScheduler and I have seen that the task is set up for Windows 2000 and XP, maybe the parameters of the task would be updated.
    Anyway in the scheduled task, it would be added the option of repeating task if the PC was turn off, hibernate or sleep at the scheduled moment. 
    Thanks in advance.
    Windows 8.1 Pro x86.
    Happy holiday
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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in WRC can't import exclusion.dat from an exported one by WiseCare365 and Vice Versa   
    This happens because the exclusion.dat of WiseCare365 includes File= and Key=, hence it can't be imported in WRC.
    Vice versa, the exclusion.dat of WRC can't be imported in WiseCare365 because the keys/values are not preceded by Key=, and the strings finish with an = (equal sign --- I wonder why is that present?).
    It would be nice if this were possible.
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    AlexissEn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in WiseDuplicateFinder feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Dear users,
    We are very excited to announce the release of Wise Duplicate Finder beta! Find & Remove Duplicate File, Photo!
    Wise Duplicate Finder is a fast and accurate Windows duplicate file & photo finder, it is simple and easy- to-use.
    1. Wise Duplicate Finder can help you find specified location duplicate document file, photo, email, video, audio, archive.
    2. It provides four compare modes: a. Match filename and size;  b, Partial content match; c, Exact content match; d, Only find 0 byte files.
    3. It can help you remove duplicate files and only keep one.
    4. When you delete duplicate files, wise duplicate finder can auto backup them, you can restore them in any time.
    Click here for direct download Wise Duplicate Finder beta
    However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you!
    WiseCleaner Team
    *Release notes*
    v1.03.15 (2 Sep. 2016)
    - Improved advanced settings
    - Added file size and date modified
    - Minor improvements
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    AlexissEn reacted to pstein in Heavy Bug: Registry Cleaner removes all printer ports for all printers in 64bit Win 7   
    I setup various physical laser printers and pdf printers on my 64bit Win 7 Pro system.
    They work fine for a long time.

    Then I decided to try out Wise Registry Cleaner v8.82 with Default scan.

    Since I cannot validate each found issue I had to trust Wise and fixed all problems.

    After a while (and a reboot) I had to use one of the printers mentioned above.

    Much to my surprise they did not work any more.

    Further investigations show that when I go to

    ControlPanel--->Devices and printers

    select one of the listed printers, right click and selected "Printer Properties", go to to tab "Ports" then the list
    is completely empty - for ALL printers.

    Have a look at the attached snapshot

    Very bad.

    Even worse: I found no solution to re-create them

    The only reason for that can be a false wiping from Wise Registry Cleaner of ActiveX/COM components or other registry entries (possibly


    or a branch below)

    This is very, very annoying.

    Why does Wise Registry Cleaner think it must remove these branches?

    Devs should fix this urgently.


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    AlexissEn reacted to UCanFixIt in WRC v8.12 to v8.21 Bug   
    I just used the new auto-update function to update WRC but the old version is still shown as the installed version (same as reported for WDC).
    Now, the wording for the new auto-update feature would indicate you should never have to use the full installer again; however, this "new installer" does not update every area so the full installer is still required.
    (Description from Wise website)
    Automatic Update
    Automatic update is activated, it can download the update file and install it automatically. User don't bother to download the installer file from the webpage and then install it manually anymore.
    Do as you wish but this should be fixed IMHO.
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    AlexissEn reacted to alon1205 in Run the latest version of WRC and crippled the system   
    Dear all.
    Last night, we updated the WRC to the version 8.21.536 on the Windows 2008 R2 host.
    All of the suddent it showed a lot of errors on the run, which it reported as fixed. That is when problems begun.
    There is a backup feature and restore, which used, but it doesnt really help.
    Looks like the environment is totallys screwed up, even if we restore backup copis of the registry from different dates in the past 1 month (there were no changes to the system).
    We could not get Admin Tools to run, had to specify manually the mmc.exe is the util to open all the tools.
    We can not start bunch of services, for example the print spooler give us the error:
    Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified"
    The same goes for VSS and some other services. We need to make it through the day, after which we can retire the machine, the new environment is almost ready.
    Does anyone explerience similar issue over the past 2-3 days with the latest version?
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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in Bug reports (Wise Disk Cleaner released version ONLY)   
    PORTABLE version bugs, all MODEs:
    The "clean with 1-click" problem (wrong language and no tooltips) will appear when using the portable version. It doesn't appear in the installed version.
    It seems the memory leak problem will appear when: - using the portable version
    - pagefile.sys is disabled
    - every options is ticked
    - usercustom.ini is used with a lot of customized rules... the more rules are present, the more the problem will be visible
    It doesn't appear in the installed version.
    ButtonMinimize, ButtonMaximize, ButtonClose, ButtonRestore and probably also ButtonMenu aren't translated (the tooltip appears in English instead than in my language, I can't verify menu because it is menu also in Italian). I don't know where I can check ButtonYes, ButtonNo and ButtonOK.
    PORTABLE version bugs, CLEAR MODE:The string "Cleanup your computer regularly." isn't present in the English.ini, hence it can't be translated in other languages. The same is also valid for "Custom" - "Scan customized entries" and all strings in "Support center".
    When I select "Custom" only, WDC won't scan it. This works as expected in classic mode.
    (After a scan) When changing language, strings remain with the previous language; when I hover the cursor over them, the language changes. After a scan, "scan again" button will appear next to the clean button. When I click it, I expect WDC to scan again... Instead it clears the screen and I must click the scan button.
    This works as expected in classic mode.
    WDC_report function is broken: (after a scan) I can right-click everywhere but the EXPORT button won't appear. In classic mode, I can right-click everywhere and the export button appears.
    ALSO: if I click on a section, the create-report function will appear only if I click on a result, BUT the WDC_report will show results only for that section.
    How can we save all results?
    In classic mode, all results will appear in the report.
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    AlexissEn reacted to WiseCleaner in Enjoy YouTube Video Offline with Wise YouTube Downloader   
    Hello everyone!
    Nowadays, watching videos on YouTube may already be a routine when surfing the internet.
    YouTube makes our life more colorful and enables us to watch anything we need on its website.
    However, sometimes we do meet the following problems there:
    Slow and bad internet connection?
    Need to watch the videos on different device? Prefer TV, iPhone, iPad or MP4 Player?
    It’s not smooth when watching YouTube HD movies?
    Really want to keep a backup of your favourite videos or music albums?
    Yes, you may think that if the videos can be downloaded and saved to our local devices, the trouble listed above will never bother again. We can then enjoy the videos anytime anywhere and will no longer struggle with the snail-paced speed of watching videos.
    Try Wise YouTube Downloader and then enjoy watching YouTube Videos anytime as you wish!
    With competitive quality, Wise YouTube Downloader is a free YouTube Video Downloader, which allows you to quickly search and download videos from YouTube and save them to your local device. You can easily download HQ, HD and full HD videos from YouTube with this user-friendly software.
    You can download it here: http://www.wisevideosuite.com
    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wvs.soft
    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wisevideosuite
    (followup: Wise YouTube Downloader has been renamed to: Wise Video Downloader.)
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    AlexissEn reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    Hi all!
    I would like to see some new features of WRC:
    1) Regarding the installed version of WRC (scilicet the uninstaller version): DON'T REMOVE c:\users\user-name\appdata\roaming\wise registry cleaner\backup folder and the files in it.
    2) POSSIBILITY to select/tick/tap/check all found problems in a section and ignore them in one click.
    Better: select part of the entries to ignore and ignore them in one click.
    3) POSSIBILITY to ignore all sections in the custom area (at the present we need to select at least one section)
    4) Command line parameter to defragment the Windows registry ONLY.
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    AlexissEn reacted to abcdefgh in BUG   
    BUG in WRC 8.24.539?
    It ONLY SCANS & CLEANS half of the Registry  (from ActiveX - to user MRU)!!!
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