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WDC Update v8.11 to v8.12 Bug


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I was running WDC v8.11 and received a notification that an update was available (v8.12). I was delightfully surprised that the downloaded installer auto-updated my current installation to v8.12 (instead of just downloading a new executable); however, it neglected to update the version in the installed/uninstalled program listings (remained at v8.11). Running Win 8.1, Update 1, fully patched with latest Win Updates.


I also rebooted (after the above) and the version remained at v8.11 (in the installed/uninstalled program listings).


I then downloaded the full v8.12 installer (manually), and ran it over-top of the current installation (v8.12), and that correctly updated my version to v8.12 in the installed/uninstalled program listings.

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Hello admin,


It should not work that way because it creates a version number discrepancy. It should never show v8.12 when launched and leave v8.11 listed elsewhere. So, if you continue with that philosophy, I could actually be running v8.19 someday and still be showing v8.11 in the install/uninstall list. That just doesn't make sense to me.

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