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WRC can't import exclusion.dat from an exported one by WiseCare365 and Vice Versa


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This happens because the exclusion.dat of WiseCare365 includes File= and Key=, hence it can't be imported in WRC.

Vice versa, the exclusion.dat of WRC can't be imported in WiseCare365 because the keys/values are not preceded by Key=, and the strings finish with an = (equal sign --- I wonder why is that present?).


It would be nice if this were possible.

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I know they are "different" programs, but WiseCare includes WRC (or not?).

Hence if one user would want to pass from WRC to WiseCare, and want to export its exclusions, that should be feasible.

And the opposite path, too.

Altough this will probably be useful for very few users...

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