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  1. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    Hi, blue dead again. http://imgur.com/a/YpYvV
  2. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    Hi, again appeared BSOD. I wrote down the information from the screen wisefs32.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Unfortunately, it does not dump. I've tried all possible settings, but simply nowhere.
  3. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    It seems that the *.dmp never creates. I tried in regedit rewrite parameters and once again bluedeath comes, so here I'll write again.
  4. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    Now there is: the size of the system determines Minimum 16 MB Current value 2998MB
  5. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    Hi, thank you for your care. I have just installed Wise Care 365. Not just any directory /minidump have. I checked the settings are exactly as you wrote.
  6. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    I'm probably not label the correct name. Once again the blue death copy this exact name. However, I am almost sure that there is presented wisecare.sys or wise_care.sys or wisecare365.sys or wise_care_365.sys It is true that I searched the NTB and I never found any similar file.
  7. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    I have not got any files C:\Windows\Minidump\ The directory did not exist there. I used to view hidden and system files.
  8. Jirsen

    Blue dead

    It often becomes blue death. The description shows that it causes wisecare.sys. I do not know the exact file name. What with this?
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