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Wise Registry Cleaner 8 beta is released

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Dear users,


Good news here!


Wise Registry Cleaner 8.0 is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release. 

Click Here to try WRC 8.0


You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified. 

Thanks in advance!


Hope you like it!


Best Regards,

WiseCleaner.com Team



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Hi Wisecleaner_admin (and all),


Here are the results of my personal beta testing:



  • No issues to report
  • The beta installation overwrites the existing installation and appears as v8.03 in the add/remove programs area
  • Users wishing to revert will have to reinstall the previous version
  • Interface has been updated


  • No issues to report
  • New features added


  • No issues to report
  • Tested Cleaner and Defrag
  • Did not test System Tuneup (same options offered as previous version)


  • I think I'll keep it!


  • Post a list of enhancements in this beta announcement


One more thing. This announcement has been posted in two places. That means, you will be get feedback in two different places and users may not be able to see the big picture without browsing two different threads. IMHO, there should only be one (actual) thread with two links to it. That way, all responses are combined.



Best regards,



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Hi guys! :)

- It opens two MSIE instances at the end of the installation.

- I added to italian.ini "checks for update" and balloon tips translations:



; Main GUI


FrmWRC.btnupdate.caption=Controlla aggiornamenti

FrmWRC.btnfacebook.hint=Seguici su facebook

FrmWRC.btntwitter.hint=Seguici su Twitter

FrmWRC.btnemail.hint=Comunicalo ai tuoi amici


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@ Jayzx,

Wise care 365 is an all-in-one tuneup utilities, it contains wise registry cleaner and wise disk cleaner and other exciting tools. 

So, there is no difference between Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Care 365's registry cleaner, system optimizer, registry defrag. 

Thanks for the info. :)

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