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    AntoinePn reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    Hi all!
    I would like to see some new features of WRC:
    1) Regarding the installed version of WRC (scilicet the uninstaller version): DON'T REMOVE c:\users\user-name\appdata\roaming\wise registry cleaner\backup folder and the files in it.
    2) POSSIBILITY to select/tick/tap/check all found problems in a section and ignore them in one click.
    Better: select part of the entries to ignore and ignore them in one click.
    3) POSSIBILITY to ignore all sections in the custom area (at the present we need to select at least one section)
    4) Command line parameter to defragment the Windows registry ONLY.
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    AntoinePn reacted to xilolee in Bug reports (Wise Registry Cleaner released version ONLY)   
    Problems of the current release (9.34.605):
    Custom area: replace the scan button with the save button, to save the choices, because when I click the top-right X, the choices won't be saved.
    You fixed this problem in release 9.15, but it returned in the current stable release
    I don't know when this problem returned.
    I'd also prefer its previous location (bottom-left corner). Auto-adjust columns (when double-clicking the column cursor) doesn't work.
    I can't remember if this worked in previous releases. Tooltips don't work, when the "value name" and "key name" columns are "stretched" (i.e., always).
    They worked in previous releases.
    I don't know when this problem returned. When I open WRC portable, %AppData%\Wise Euask folder is created (and it shouldn't create it, or at least it should create that folder inside WRC folder). Some entries didn't show the description.
    I had got these three entries without a description (but probably I deleted them, because now I don't get them any more):
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D1219BD5-B542-4ab7-82CB-C89DDA9F3768}\AppID= The register window doesn't show all the strings (but the tooltips work, at least).
    "Contact us" isn't translatable.
    If possible, enlarge the entries.

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    AntoinePn reacted to roger_m in WiseDriverCare feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    Another bug I've found is that the driver "Intel Graphics Driver" (display is shown as Mobile 945 Express Chipset Family in Device Manager) fails to download.
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    AntoinePn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in WiseDriverCare feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    New released beta version  - Wise Driver Care
    We are very excited to announce the release of Wise Driver Care beta! Download and update outdated Windows devices drivers!
    Wise Driver Care can automatically scan, download and update drivers. Easily fix missing, outdated or faulty driver errors. Keep your computer in top condition!
    1, Supports more than 600,000 devices and drivers
    Such as AMD APU/Graphics/Chipset/AHCI/USB 3.0/RAID Drivers, NVIDIA drivers, Realtek ethernet controller/wireless lan/network/HD Audio Drivers, Intel Audio/HD Graphics/WLAN/LAN/chipset/rapid storage technology/USB 3.0 Drivers, ASUS Drivers, Dell Drivers, HP Drivers, Intel PC Drivers & Microsoft Windows Drivers
    2, Reduce system freezing and crashing.
    3, Wise Driver Care only recommend WHQL drivers.
    4, One-stop Windows driver management.
    5, Easily fix sound & network issues
    Click here for direct download Wise Driver Care beta.

    However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that.
    Thank you!
    Release Notes:
    v1.0.621 (June 22, 2017)
    1, Optimized network connection
    2, Minor GUI improvements
    3, Added 4 language files
    4, Minor bug fixes
    View antivirus scan report
    v1.0.713 (July 14, 2017)
    1, Fixed minor bugs
    2, Added some new language files
    3, Minor GUI improvements
    view antivirus scan report
    v2.1.720 (July 20, 2017)
    The official version is released.
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    AntoinePn reacted to xilolee in WRC can't import exclusion.dat from an exported one by WiseCare365 and Vice Versa   
    This happens because the exclusion.dat of WiseCare365 includes File= and Key=, hence it can't be imported in WRC.
    Vice versa, the exclusion.dat of WRC can't be imported in WiseCare365 because the keys/values are not preceded by Key=, and the strings finish with an = (equal sign --- I wonder why is that present?).
    It would be nice if this were possible.
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    AntoinePn reacted to xilolee in Feature requests/Suggestions: Wise Registry Cleaner missing features   
    The top-right X problem seems to be already fixed in the last version, 9.15.589.
    This also seems a bug: [bUG WinServer2012] Registry cleaner crash file association (click)
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    AntoinePn reacted to pstein in What is "unsafe" in "Deep Scan" ?   
    There are two types of scans: "Fast Scan" and "Deep Scan".
    Below the "Fast Scan" it is written "Only scan safe entries".
    From my point of view it means that "Deep Scan" is "unsafe".
    What is unsafe here?
    Is a longer scan time the only disadvantage?
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    AntoinePn reacted to azsalty in Wise Registry Cleaner hung, lost desktop and registry?   
    I downloaded and tried the FREE version of this program.  I ran it and it seemed to stop.  I now get the following screen image.  Any ideas would help. 
    I believe my registry is my problem as my file structures are still there.  My problem is how to recover?
    Tnx in advance.  VR,  azsalty

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    AntoinePn reacted to Chim in Request for Re-Title in Menu of USB Version   
    I'm almost sure that I have put in this request before and obviously it fell into an abyss of it didn't happen.
    Okay, here goes Take II ... this time with a screen capture for illustration.
    As you can see in the attached screen cap, all the rest of the apps in my PortableApps.com platform menu are real nicely titled to where one knows at a glance what exactly they are. THEN you see down there at 2nd from the bottom outlined in the red box where it says "WiseCleaner.com." What the ....? That certainly doesn't specify at a glance remotely what the app is.
    Well, it happens to be Wise Registry Cleaner. WHY not have it specify exactly what it is just like all the other apps? That's all I'm asking. Just a simple request to have the menu title display "Wise Registry Cleaner" or "Wise Registry Cleaner Portable." That would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

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    AntoinePn reacted to 11Al in Auto cleanup not works   
    I have this problem with RG Portable version, the RG icon appears in system tray and then disappears after a few seconds. No message. After this I check manually, it deleted nothing. It doesn't work at all. Then I checked in the Windows TaskScheduler and I have seen that the task is set up for Windows 2000 and XP, maybe the parameters of the task would be updated.
    Anyway in the scheduled task, it would be added the option of repeating task if the PC was turn off, hibernate or sleep at the scheduled moment. 
    Thanks in advance.
    Windows 8.1 Pro x86.
    Happy holiday
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    AntoinePn reacted to wisecleaner_admin in WiseVideoPlayer feature requests, bug reports, updated translations   
    New released beta version  - Wise Video Player

    Smart and Powerful, that you can play any format videos. It is an all-powerful video player, also an audio player.
    Supported video formats: .asf, .avi, .wm, .wmp, .wmv, .ram, .rm, .rmvb, .rp, .rpm, .rt, .smil, .scm, .m1v, .m2v, .m2ts, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .3gp, .mov, .flv, .swf, .mkv, .mts
    Supported audio formats: .acc, .ac3, .mla, .m2a, .m4a, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .mpc, .wav, .wma, .mid, .midi, .oga, .ogg

    Be the first to experience the beta version!
    Click Here to download Wise Video Player
    Tell us whether you like it! (    or  )
    Your valuable feedback makes the new-born better!
    Thank you in advance! 
    Release note:
    v1.55.82 (Jan. 25, 2017)
    The first beta version
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    AntoinePn reacted to madamo in Failure to restore error when compressing   
    I tried running the compress utility and after it analyzes my system and asks me to start I click OK and I get "An error occurs: Failure to Restore". The application closes and the system reboots. When I launch the utility again and run the analysis one more time I get the same results and it appears as though the compress didn't run.
    Any ideas?
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    AntoinePn reacted to felixthecat in "Failed to unload native registry" message now appears on xp bootup   
    Hi. Gotta say "Wise Registry Cleaner" SEEMS like a fantastic product..even better than CCleaner for removing junk,plus the option to defrag the Registry is a real bonus.And a nice clean GUI.
    Well done on that,at least.
    I like to give credit where I think it is due.
    However,since using Wise Registry Cleaner I've noticed I now get a "failed to unload native registry" message on startup.
    I'm using xp pro,and have never had such a message appear in over 10 years of use.
    Whilst I haven't as yet noticed any performance issues since the message at the moment, I'm concerned I even got this message at all.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.
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    AntoinePn reacted to donut in Why can Register Cleaner still get errors after PC Checkup?   
    The reasons are following below,
    1. Tasks that PC Checkup does are only a part of Registry Cleaner could do, so that you got errors after Registry Cleaner's scanning.
    2. It is better to use both of them .
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    AntoinePn reacted to donut in How to get back programs and keep others from cleaning after running Wise Registry Cleaner?   
    Please do as the following instructions and screenshots below,
    1. Please run Registry Cleaner---System Restore--click on the item dated with your issue happened---Restore

    2. Then run Registry Cleaner---Start Scan(only scan, not clean)---right click any items---click "Export to "---save and send the report to us for analysis.(Fonts only taken as an example)

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    AntoinePn reacted to cajmone in apertura iperlink da motore di ricerca   
    Sovente (ma non sempre) usando la funzione "apri in una nuova scheda" sui linlk dei motori di riceca non si apre la pagina e per vederla devo fare un refresh. Questo problema è incominciato solo adesso dopo una pulitura del registro con wise register cleaner 7 e purtroppo non ho fatto copia del registro e punto di ripristino (tuttavia potrebbe essere solo una coincidenza). Cosa posso fare per risolvere il problema?
    Grazie e cordiali saluti
    Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1
    System root: C:\Windows
    Available physical memory: 4001 MB
    CPU: Intel® Pentium® CPU G630 @ 2.70GHz
    Drive Info:
    C: 448,23 GB
    D: 17,43 GB
    Internet Explorer: 11.0
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    AntoinePn reacted to naxo in Problema avvio   

    Scusate la collocazione ma non ho trovato il modo dove inserire la richiesta di email

    Ho installato ieri il programma WiRegCleaner
    ma stranamente oggi non riesce ad avviarsi correttamente.
    All'apertura ricevo questo messaggio di errore:
    Wiseregleaner: WiseRegCleaner.exe _ impossibile individuare un componente.
    Imposibile avviare l'applicazione specifica. framedyn.dll non è stato trovato. Una nuova installazione è richiesta.

    - Ho rifatto l'istallazione ma il problema persiste.
    - la dll esiste e si trova in C:/windows/system32
    (Se clicco su ok poi il programma si avvia)

    grazie per il possibile aiuto


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    AntoinePn reacted to stanleycastro01 in Help BSOD can wise registry cleaner fix it   
    Hi, my laptop crashed when I was playing NBA2k14.. It was kernel_data_inpage_error I tried running wise registry cleaner when I got into safe mode and scanned it usign MBAM no threats in the logs..

    I read that this is about the registry so i ran wise registry cleaner. I restarted got into the desktop but after a few minutes it froze then bsod again kernel data inpage error again.. Now i just finished doing chkdsk and I think no errors so far? I am thinking to run wise registry cleaner again but idk can you guys help me? Thanks 
    I have windows 8 btw
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    AntoinePn reacted to mastervbguru in Wise Registry Cleaner 8.12.534 doesn't save "Auto-Get Newsletters' Setting   
       I upgraded from Wise Registry Cleaner 8.11.533 to 8.11.534.  When I click on Settings and UNCHECK the "Auto Get Newsletters" checkbox, the next time I load Wise Registry Cleaner, this checkbox is CHECKED again.  It does NOT save my setting (i.e. UNCHECKED. 
       I reverted back to release 8.11.533; this version DOES save the state of this checkbox correctly.
       Please advise.
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    AntoinePn reacted to Lelenumb in Uninstall wise cleaner   
    Come posso togliere wise cleaner dal mio pc, sono andato nel pannello di controllo >disinstallazione programmi, ma non lo trovo nell'elenco dei programmi cancellabili.
    How can i unistall wise cleaner from my pc? Thanks
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    AntoinePn reacted to parkd1 in Wise Registry Cleaner breaks Windows 8 titles   
    Check this out.
    Hope this gets fixed in Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Care 365. Thanks
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    AntoinePn reacted to alon1205 in Run the latest version of WRC and crippled the system   
    Dear all.
    Last night, we updated the WRC to the version 8.21.536 on the Windows 2008 R2 host.
    All of the suddent it showed a lot of errors on the run, which it reported as fixed. That is when problems begun.
    There is a backup feature and restore, which used, but it doesnt really help.
    Looks like the environment is totallys screwed up, even if we restore backup copis of the registry from different dates in the past 1 month (there were no changes to the system).
    We could not get Admin Tools to run, had to specify manually the mmc.exe is the util to open all the tools.
    We can not start bunch of services, for example the print spooler give us the error:
    Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified"
    The same goes for VSS and some other services. We need to make it through the day, after which we can retire the machine, the new environment is almost ready.
    Does anyone explerience similar issue over the past 2-3 days with the latest version?
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