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Request for Re-Title in Menu of USB Version


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I'm almost sure that I have put in this request before and obviously it fell into an abyss of it didn't happen.


Okay, here goes Take II ... this time with a screen capture for illustration.


As you can see in the attached screen cap, all the rest of the apps in my PortableApps.com platform menu are real nicely titled to where one knows at a glance what exactly they are. THEN you see down there at 2nd from the bottom outlined in the red box where it says "WiseCleaner.com." What the ....? That certainly doesn't specify at a glance remotely what the app is.


Well, it happens to be Wise Registry Cleaner. WHY not have it specify exactly what it is just like all the other apps? That's all I'm asking. Just a simple request to have the menu title display "Wise Registry Cleaner" or "Wise Registry Cleaner Portable." That would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.


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This is NOT a PortableApps.com problem.  This is a Wise problem.


Sure, the menu platform is that of PortableApps.com ... but, the particular Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41.612 in there is NOT a PortableApps.com version.  Not every App that you see there in the menu in the screen cap is a PortableApps.com version.


The latest version that PortableApps.com has currently is version 9.35.  So no, the version there in my menu showing the NON-ideal title is not the PortableApps.com version.  It is the Wise version.  I can't remember where I got it.  If I had to guess, it might have been Major Geeks or Softpedia.

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