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  1. Thanks. Right now my plan is on hold. I'm waiting for someone on a tech forum to analyze my computer's Farbar scan results to see if there is some malware. I've been having problems with my avast periodically keeping on breaking. So first I want to verify that my computer isn't infected.
  2. I have Windows XP Pro SP3. I had read in the past that in its early stages, Wise Anti Malware didn't yet work properly with Windows XP. Does it work properly with Windows XP NOW? I also read that the Virus Engine did not come with the Installer. Does it come with it NOW? If it still doesn't come with the Virus Engine and Definitions, what size of a download is it? It's that I have Dial Up Internet. So if it is a huge download, then this Wise Anti Malware would be out of the question for me.
  3. Yes, Zoeff50 ... those are SPAM. Unfortunately you'll see them a lot here. Just like if you check your Notifications, there'll be a gazillion LIKES ... many of them even being on way old comments / threads that don't even have any business being LIKED anymore. I just delete all those e-mails of that type and all those likes. If you notice, all those LIKES will be from usernames who don't even participate in the actual technical commentary in the threads.
  4. Ohhh, so let me see if I understand correctly. Combined with what WiseCleaner Admin said in comment #6 ... the 7.25 Meg download file size over at the Download Center is NOT the actual entirety of the app? It's just a stub installer? If so ... Wooooooo! I wouldn't be able to download that with my Dial Up Internet. I'd have to wait until I have access to the High Speed Internet of one of my siblings, which I do periodically.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have Windows XP, so for right now I guess I cannot try it out. I'll keep an eye out for IF and when it does work on Windows XP.
  6. I want to get an idea of what category of app this is. Is this supposed to be sort of like a standalone anti-virus like say - avast? Or can it supposedly be used alongside of avast or any Anti-Virus? Or is it more of something like Malwarebytes' MB3 that IS promoted / touted as a standalone all inclusive anti-malware product whereby you supposedly do NOT need an anti-virus? Or is it more of something like Malwarebytes' AdwCleaner and JRT (Junk Removal Tool) whereby you would still need an anti-virus? Is it a real time app or just on demand? Is it an app that will get DAILY virus definitions updates ... or more something like Malwarebytes' MB3 whereby there are only PERIODIC virus definitions updates? Does it work with ALL versions of Windows ... like including Windows XP?
  7. Kudos on squashing the Forbidden Errors as per my preliminary experience with the new version 2.52. Looking forward to seeing that certain problem mentioned in my e-mail neutralized as well. Exciting to see the progress with this project.
  8. Ssss SO, is the Wise Video Downloader project still active? As much as I wanted to have it be my Video Downloader of choice, especially because of its portability that allowed me to carry it in my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive ... I finally had to wave the white flag and put it on the backburner because I just kept encountering wayyy too many Forbidden Errors. When it works, it works great. I really like it then. However, with having to resort to trying the 2nd, 3rd or 4th options on 50% of the videos that I try to download before Wise Video Download WILL work ... it just kills the mood. Oh, and just in case the Wise Video Downloader project IS still active ... while you're at it, it'd be a very helpful great idea to incorporate a Video Download RESUME capability. Because for example: I have Dial Up Internet. Sometimes either the connection is lost or someone wants to use the phone when a download is still not finished and well ... without a RESUME capability, I have to start the download over. And with Dial Up, that can be an hour or hours lost just on one single video download.
  9. Since yesterday March 23rd, I see on Major Geeks that there is supposedly already a WRC 9.42.613 version out. However, at the Wise Download Center, the latest WRC version out is 9.41. Is the Wise Download Center behind or is Major Geeks wrong?
  10. Yeah, WiseCleaner_Admin ... you have a point. It's best to leave it be as is from the standpoint of keeping the footprint size down. When it comes down to it, realistically I'll really only use the Registry Cleaner and the Common Cleaner functions from Wise Care 365 on a super regular basis. I went ahead and let Wise Care 365 download and install Wise Force Deleter so that I can try it out the next time that I have a situation that requires it.
  11. Oh well, I guess we can't have everything. If that's the way it's gonna be, that's the way it's gonna be. I'll just have to still carry the standalone Wise Program Uninstaller in my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive. I also carry Wise Video Downloader, but of course, that's not exactly an app of the type that would ever be incorporated into Wise Care 365.
  12. The other day I decided to try the Program Uninstaller in the Utilities Sidebar over on the right of WC 365. I figured if it worked exactly as the standalone version, I'd naturally delete the standalone version from my PA.com platform in my Flash Drive as I would of course no longer need it. No use having the same app twice in my Flash Drive apps arsenal. Well, if I deciphered correctly what then happened ... I believe Program Uninstaller proceeded to be downloaded. I aborted the download because [A] I already have a Wise Program Uninstaller. I have Dial Up Internet and didn't expect to be downloading anything at that time. QUESTION #1: Do ALL of those "NEW" utilities in the Utilities Sidebar need to first be downloaded before being able to be used? QUESTION #2: Will these "NEW" utilities eventually be incorporated into Wise Care 365 in a future version? If so, how many versions from the current version? One? Two? You know ... so they wouldn't have to first be downloaded and installed. In other words, I'm hoping to get to the point to where Wise Care 365 covers ALL the bases and functions of ALL the current Wise standalone products that I use. I like to operate lean & mean. So the less standalone Wise apps that I'd have to have installed in my PA.com platform and have WC 365 cover all those functions ... the better. Especially given that right now I haven't even seen a portable version of Wise Force Deleter.
  13. Alrighty then. I have bookmarked that Wise Download Center page. Thanks, Xilo.
  14. I take it this is the correct, legit download page? http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html If so, is it Wise servers? Or is it something like ..... cnet download? I've always heard bad things about cnet.
  15. @Xilo: Good information, Xilo. Confirming what you saw, I checked in the Wise Disk Cleaner folder in the PA.com platform in my Flash Drive and as can be seen in the attached image ... I concur that there's really virtually nothing in there that can be tweaked. It looks like the main application file there at the bottom left does pretty much most everything internally. What was throwing me off when I asked where to find %appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner\ was that --- isn't that backwards? Shouldn't it have been \Wise Disk Cleaner\%appdata% or something along those lines? That's why I was, "I'm lost." Even the Windows Search function told me it didn't compute. Nevertheless, thanks for the info just the same.
  16. Oooooooo! I have solved the problem! Woo Hoo! Okay, first I decided I was going to try uninstalling my PortableApps.com WDC 9.41 and reinstalling it to see if that would fix the problem. Verdict? It did NOT fix the problem. I then decided I'd try downloading a NON-PortableApps.com WDC and installing that to see if maybe THAT would fix the problem. Immediately I realized at Softpedia that actually, there was already a WDC 9.43.659 version available. I installed that newer version of WDC and conducted my side by side faceoff experiment vs. Wise Care 365 again. Verdict? Eureka! Woo Hoo! YAY! That fixed the problem! That newer WDC 9.43.659 detected the same 852 Junk Files Created by Applications as Wise Care 365! Now, what I do NOT know is ... Did that WDC 9.43.659 from Softpedia detect those Junk Files because it is a newer version than my old WDC 9.41 from PortableApps.com? Or did it detect them because it was a NON-PortableApps.com version? As in was there possibly a bug in the PortableApps.com version?
  17. Any possibility that the results can be affected by the Windows version? I use Windows XP Pro SP3. Did you all use Windows 7 or 8 or 10? And just in case it could possibly make a difference, my anti-virus is avast 12.3.2280.
  18. Okay, you're going to help me out here. This %appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner\ that I'm supposed to open and delete ... where is it? Where do I find it, what path? Keep in mind that my WDC 9.41 is the PortableApps.com version and it is in my Flash Drive. I have attached the Exclusions window of my WDC 9.41. There are no exclusions. Any OTHER possible setting that could affect / cause it to not detect those Junk Files?
  19. I mentioned this issue over on my Wise Care 365 vs. Wise Registry Cleaner thread. I thought I'd put it here in its own thread since on the surface, it looks like it MIGHT be a WDC issue instead of a Wise Care 365 issue ... although I could be wrong. Either way, now I have visual proof and more detail. In the 2nd image attached below, you'll notice how Wise Care 365 4.5.6 managed to detect 695 Junk Files Created by Applications for a total of 92.3 MegaBytes. While it found various items first in that category ... starting with the yellow highlighted items, it was predominantly a mountain of Maxthon Cloud browser cache. Of course, I only included a micro sample of that Maxthon cache. In the 1st image attached below, you'll notice how Wise Disk Cleaner 9.41 detected NO Junk Files. That is quite a huge discrepancy. I could be wrong in my thinking, but I would think that WDC and the Common Cleaner function in Wise Care 365 would / should work pretty much the same and yield same results or at least pretty close to the same. True, as was mentioned in the Wise Care 365 vs. Wise Registry Cleaner thread, Wise does NOT at this time support Maxthon. However, logically, the results of this experiment seem to indicate that either WDC or the Common Cleaner function in Wise Care 365 is wrong ... or both --- and needs to be fixed to match the other app. In other words, either Wise Care 365 should NOT have detected all those 695 items as Junk Files Created by Applications ... or WDC SHOULD have detected them instead of missing them. Oh, and also, as can be seen in the 2 images, there also seems to be a noticeable discrepancy in the Old Prefetch Data between the 2 apps. True, it's not a huge discrepancy as with the other issue, but a discrepancy nonetheless. I don't know if there is a logical explanation for that or whether that also needs to be looked into. Sorry about how I discussed the 2nd image first instead of starting with the 1st image. It's that after submitting my topic, the order of my images was mysteriously swapped. So, I had to edit the text to match the order of the images.
  20. Hopefully that is the case. Thanks for the heads up, Xilo.
  21. That would be great if you can add Maxthon Browser support in the future. For now I'm using Maxthon Cloud But, as soon as they polish up MX5 some more, I'll very likely be switching to that. Another browser that you MIGHT possibly want to consider adding support for is Vivaldi. I had been following and checking out Vivaldi there in its beginnings. But, then that plan ended when Vivaldi ended support for Windows XP when Chrome ended support for Windows XP. Since I have Windows XP, I of course could no longer be periodically testing out Vivaldi. But, one day when I wind up having a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 10, I'll no doubt check out Vivaldi again.
  22. Unless the version I got is created and packed by a 3rd party and not necessarily by Wise. I wouldn't be able to tell if that is the case here.
  23. This is NOT a PortableApps.com problem. This is a Wise problem. Sure, the menu platform is that of PortableApps.com ... but, the particular Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41.612 in there is NOT a PortableApps.com version. Not every App that you see there in the menu in the screen cap is a PortableApps.com version. The latest version that PortableApps.com has currently is version 9.35. So no, the version there in my menu showing the NON-ideal title is not the PortableApps.com version. It is the Wise version. I can't remember where I got it. If I had to guess, it might have been Major Geeks or Softpedia.
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