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Help BSOD can wise registry cleaner fix it

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Hi, my laptop crashed when I was playing NBA2k14.. It was kernel_data_inpage_error I tried running wise registry cleaner when I got into safe mode and scanned it usign MBAM no threats in the logs..

I read that this is about the registry so i ran wise registry cleaner. I restarted got into the desktop but after a few minutes it froze then bsod again kernel data inpage error again.. Now i just finished doing chkdsk and I think no errors so far? I am thinking to run wise registry cleaner again but idk can you guys help me? Thanks 

I have windows 8 btw

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BSOD is a competed problem.

Wise Registry Cleaner cannot fix BSOD problem.

Please learn this topic and send the dump file to us.


Maybe I can help you solve it.

I think i have fixed it but im going to send you my dump files



So what I was doing before I got this BSOD was I ran nba2k14 then alt tabbed to desktop, I think I was chatting or surfing the net? then I alt tabbed to nba2k14 and It was not running smoothly it stops for some time then It was 3rd Quarter then BSOD appeared. I was using this CD-R King as a controller for nba2k14



How can I put an attachment here? I cant find the attachment option. Thanks

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