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"Failed to unload native registry" message now appears on xp bootup

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Hi. Gotta say "Wise Registry Cleaner" SEEMS like a fantastic product..even better than CCleaner for removing junk,plus the option to defrag the Registry is a real bonus.And a nice clean GUI.

Well done on that,at least.


I like to give credit where I think it is due.


However,since using Wise Registry Cleaner I've noticed I now get a "failed to unload native registry" message on startup.


I'm using xp pro,and have never had such a message appear in over 10 years of use.


Whilst I haven't as yet noticed any performance issues since the message at the moment, I'm concerned I even got this message at all.


Please advise.

Thank you.




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If you could, please send a thumbnail of it to us.

According to your description, we cannot confirm WRC cause this problem. we need more information.


Try this way to solve this problem, when you start computer, press F8 to run safe mode. If it can run safe mode, then restart again and run normal mode.

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