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Wise Registry Cleaner 8.12.534 doesn't save "Auto-Get Newsletters' Setting

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   I upgraded from Wise Registry Cleaner 8.11.533 to 8.11.534.  When I click on Settings and UNCHECK the "Auto Get Newsletters" checkbox, the next time I load Wise Registry Cleaner, this checkbox is CHECKED again.  It does NOT save my setting (i.e. UNCHECKED. 


   I reverted back to release 8.11.533; this version DOES save the state of this checkbox correctly.


   Please advise.




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I'm using the latest version and that checkbox remains unticked (but I'm using the portable version).

win 8.1, update1, x64, c:\windows

(WRC inside desktop\applications\wise portable programs\wrc)

Check if your Windows current user has got all the needed permissions on c:\program files (x86)\wise registry cleaner folder.

You can also try to change the config.ini: News=0 (the program must be closed before editing the config.ini).

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