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WiseDuplicateFinder feature requests, bug reports, updated translations

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Dear users,


We are very excited to announce the release of Wise Duplicate Finder beta! Find & Remove Duplicate File, Photo!


Wise Duplicate Finder is a fast and accurate Windows duplicate file & photo finder, it is simple and easy- to-use.

1. Wise Duplicate Finder can help you find specified location duplicate document file, photo, email, video, audio, archive.


2. It provides four compare modes: a. Match filename and size;  b, Partial content match; c, Exact content match; d, Only find 0 byte files.


3. It can help you remove duplicate files and only keep one.


4. When you delete duplicate files, wise duplicate finder can auto backup them, you can restore them in any time.


Click here for direct download Wise Duplicate Finder beta


WDF icon.png    WDF_main.png



However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you!


WiseCleaner Team




*Release notes*


v1.03.15 (2 Sep. 2016)

- Improved advanced settings

- Added file size and date modified

- Minor improvements

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Hi there :)


The Simplified Chinese localization is now available for Wise Duplicate Finder (beta).



Download link (OneDrive):




For future reference, the corresponding version for this localization was when posted..




1) The 'Keep One' button is confusing -- It invert selects multiple files if you at first 'Keep One' then 'Invert' then 'Keep One' again; such that it doesn't really only 'keep one'.

2) When the font gets larger than 8, characters in certain locations become no longer fully/properly displayed.




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Проверил на WGet. Всё закачивается, ставится, запускается.

Само приложение ещё не тестировал


echo WiseDuplicateFinder
del "%~dp0WDFSetup.exe"
"%~dp0wget.exe" -cN -t5 -T15 "http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/WDFSetup.exe" -P "%~dp0."
"%~dp0WDFSetup.exe" /VERYSILENT
del "%~dp0WDFSetup.exe"
echo =================================
echo =============THE END=============
echo =================================


PS: к слову Registry Cleaner и Disk Cleaner не работают через ключ /verysilent. А-та-та

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Hi!!!   :)

  • I'm not able to translate "Match file name and size...", i.e. it is shown in English, and I can't full read it (probably because I'm using a custom scaling level).

    If possible, implements "hints" (tooltips) for all strings, for this entry.

  • If possible, the hints/tooltips should be automatically got from the related settings.

    Translators could add more words in the hints later...!

  • ButtonMinimize, ButtonMaximize, ButtonClose, ButtonRestore, don't work (English or Italian), i.e. they don't show the tooltip.
  • frmDFSettings.btnAddFolder.Hint, frmDFSettings.btnAddKey.Hint, frmDFSettings.btnOk.Hint, frmDFSettings.btnCancel.Hint, don't work (English or Italian), i.e. they don't show the tooltip.
  • Imo frmWDFMain.lblcaption.Caption should be bigger.
  • In the about window, I can't fully read "Il nostro sito web" ("Home page"): it works with all your other software (even with my own custom scaling level).

    Maybe you are using bold or a bigger font size or the entries were reduced, don't know...

If you need screenshots, or more explanations, let me know...





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I have got a humongous .bak file in

C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Roaming\Wise Duplicate Finder




Why is this file still here? Why do I need it? Is the program waiting for me to close it? (a bug?) I have not touched this program in months. But this file is eating half my C-drive!! :D

Can I kill it without killing the program? Is it a search duplicate of my pc/a partition? If so, why is this program DUPLICATING files instead of just pointing to them? All my space is gone, lol..


I will not delete it if it means I kill files that should not be killed. But 12,5GB in a roaming folder= :D

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Thank you for the info and reply.


I was wondering about another option since for now I don't have the time to look at every file, yet at the same time I want my space back, as well as not deleting files (because deleting can harm)


Can I move the 15GB bak file to another partition? Or does the program only look at C when looking for this backup bak?

(I could move it 2 times ofcourse :D ).

(If the program only sees C drive for this bak, maybe something for the next update, but my bet would be I can search the whole pc already :) )


Now I use file shredder to kill files. It 3x overwrites. So this 15G loses 3 points/bit. (got a WD black)

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great tool! thx :)


1. Is it possible to show dates with time? (hour:minute:second, not only days)

2. is it possible to export the same columns as the application shows, and even more? (Id of group of the same files; Size in bytes; Creation date with seconds precision, not only Modification)

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Thank you!


Anyway, I think (for an user that uses the free version) it would be better to open a message box saying "This feature is available in the pro version".

In the registration form, I wasn't able to use the paste function (with the right-click) and I wasn't allowed to write @ (in the email entry).

The same happened with WRC and WFH.

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