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  1. Update Greek translation to Wise Care 365 v5.6.4 Wise Care 365_greek.zip
  2. Greek translation updated to v10.42. In [Area] section there are many recurring phrases, such as: Chrome Saved passwords, Mozilla Firefox Saved passwords, IE Saved Passwords etc. Similar to "... Autocomplete Form History", "Session", "... Temp Files". Why can't the code be e.g. %1 Saved passwords, where %1 will enter the corresponding name each time. WDC_greek.zip
  3. Greek translation updated to WFH Pro 4.36 WFH_greek.zip WFH_greek.zip
  4. I think there is a problem with the operation of the posts. While I made a post 10 days ago, the post does not appear and as soon as I make news, both appear!
  5. Greek translation update to Wise Anti-Malware 2.1.8. String "GoodHabit=" why is there twice? WAM_greek.zip
  6. Greek translation to WMO 3.64 WMO_greek.zip
  7. Update Greek translation to v10.12 Apllication names in [Area] it is necessary to include in language file? WDC_greek.zip
  8. Greek translation update to Wise Registry Cleaner v10.11 WRC_greek.zip
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