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  1. Hello. When I log in, Firefox gives me red warnings that all login info is about to be copied by evil men. Does the site need an update? Only your site lets FF warn me. (And you deal in security.) Sorry if I sound harsh
  2. Thank you for the info and reply. I was wondering about another option since for now I don't have the time to look at every file, yet at the same time I want my space back, as well as not deleting files (because deleting can harm) Can I move the 15GB bak file to another partition? Or does the program only look at C when looking for this backup bak? (I could move it 2 times ofcourse ). (If the program only sees C drive for this bak, maybe something for the next update, but my bet would be I can search the whole pc already ) Now I use file shredder to kill files. It 3x overwrites. So this 15G loses 3 points/bit. (got a WD black)
  3. Hello. I have got a humongous .bak file in C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Roaming\Wise Duplicate Finder 12,5GB!!! Why is this file still here? Why do I need it? Is the program waiting for me to close it? (a bug?) I have not touched this program in months. But this file is eating half my C-drive!! Can I kill it without killing the program? Is it a search duplicate of my pc/a partition? If so, why is this program DUPLICATING files instead of just pointing to them? All my space is gone, lol.. I will not delete it if it means I kill files that should not be killed. But 12,5GB in a roaming folder=
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