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  1. Hi there The Simplified Chinese localization is now available for Wise Duplicate Finder (beta). 简体中文汉化现已可用 Download link (OneDrive): 下载地址 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtnsLvzQfS6ei8Vj7OmiGFDl77GAGg For future reference, the corresponding version for this localization was when posted.. 此贴发布时,软件版本为 PS: 1) The 'Keep One' button is confusing -- It invert selects multiple files if you at first 'Keep One' then 'Invert' then 'Keep One' again; such that it doesn't really only 'keep one'. 2) When the font gets larger than 8, characters in certain locations become no longer fully/properly displayed. Kurt
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