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[WPU] Advantage 2 installing Program Installer BEFORE installing software?


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I think jboriott wanted to say:

"If I install wise program uninstaller before installing a new program (or new programs), will it catch ALL the modified things (like added registry Keys, added files, added firewall rules and so forth) when I'm going to uninstall it (them)?

I.e., does wise program uninstaller register all the changes made by the program to my system and when I'll want to uninstall that program will WPU use them?"

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Since Wise Program Installer cannot do what the original poster (OP) wants, I guess it might be permissible, under Forum Rules, to mention to the OP that Revo Uninstaller Pro will monitor installs and reverse all changes made by a monitored install during an uninstall by Revo.


Have a great day.




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