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  1. You will need to uninstall AVG, not simply remove its files. You should go to the AVG website, Support, and search for precise instructions as to how to remove AVG and all its remnants. Some anti-virus products require a two-step un-installation. AVG may require that their removal tool if the Add/Remove programs does not successfully uninstall it. Here is a link to the AVG support site: https://support.avg.com/supportArticleView?urlname=How-to-uninstall-AVG&l=en_US Good luck. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  2. If you are talking about a standalone CD player in a car or attached to a stereo system, the media files must be burned in "audio CD" format to be played. Those CD music files can also be played in a computer CD drive. If you save your media files (.mp3, .wav, .wma) as data files on a CD, then a standalone CD player cannot play those files, but your computer CD drive should be able to do so just fine. The link below might help explain: http://www.techsupportalert.com/how_to_work_with_audio_cd_cda_files.htm Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  3. Nightowl: Thanks for writing back and letting us know how you made out. I am glad that I was able to be of some assistance. Lots of folks have helped me over the years. It is really GREAT to solve an annoying computer issue. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  4. Your problem could be related to the latest Windows Updates, issued a week or so ago. You should manually check for further Windows updates to see if there are any. If not, then you should Google Windows Update and font changes. You will get some hits, for example: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-windows_update/kb3013455-ms15-010-causes-font-corruption/8640d38d-19bd-46b6-9af0-6213c05107d3 Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  5. The yellow mark indicates that the computer is unable to establish a wireless internet connection. You will need to set up a wireless connection via the Network and Sharing Centre (right click the icon), if you have not already done so. If you have set up a wireless network, then something is not working and you will need to troubleshoot the issue. There is troubleshooter in the Network and Sharing Centre. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  6. First thing I would do is download the file "mbam_clean ..." from the Malwarebytes site and do a complete removal of MBAM. Then reinstall MBAM and see if the issue persists. If the problem is not solved, I would recommend surfing to the Malwarebytes site (malwarebytes.org) and posting the requested initial logs for an expert to assist you in the "Malware Removal" forum. The logs are necessary for their malware removal experts to determine if the computer is infected. This will eliminate the possibility that a virus or malware has compromised Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. If the computer is not infected, you can contact their Tech Support or you can post in the "Anti-Malware Help" forum on their site. There a lots of experienced and helpful people there. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  7. Not sure - don't know. I am running Windows 7. Sorry. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  8. I concur with you that the default PC Checkup does not seem to be able to be configured to exclude certain items from cleaning, which is possible in other parts of the program. I dislike, and seldom run it, as a result. I think the programmers should permit users to configure what PC Checkup cleans and does not clean. I always want to keep my "Run" items and my "Recent Documents." CCleaner does permit items to be excluded. Just my two cents. Merry Christmas. Regards, -Phil
  9. This thread from the CCleaner Forum might explain the issue. Apparently Google Chrome stores its history and stuff in "the cloud", not on the local computer. http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=40285 Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  10. I suspect that possibly your CMOS battery has failed. They are usually only good for about five years. If you haven't replaced your CMOS battery in a few years, I would try that first. Then go into the BIOS and restore the correct data and system configuration data. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  11. Since Wise Program Installer cannot do what the original poster (OP) wants, I guess it might be permissible, under Forum Rules, to mention to the OP that Revo Uninstaller Pro will monitor installs and reverse all changes made by a monitored install during an uninstall by Revo. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  12. Thanks WiseCareAdmin. Will update both computers tomorrow. Have a great day, and great service. Regards, -Phil
  13. Thank you for your confirmation of the bug and I look forward to the fix. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  14. I am running the latest version of Wise Care 365 Pro. As the attached image shows, the Registry Last Clean Date is not refreshing when a scan is run. You can see the registry backup dates (today), but Wise Care is reporting that it has been 49 days since I last cleaned. I am observing the same error on my laptop computer as well. I have indeed selected CLEAN and it appears to work, but when I re-launch Wise Care, it is still showing the last clean date as in the past. All other Wise Care clean components report the correct clean dates and a reboot does not solve the problem. Submitted for your information. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  15. UCanFixit and Xilolee: Just back to report that the laptop is restored to health using UCanFixit's steps. I counted four folders and three manifest files that needed to be deleted and four registry keys. I am very grateful to UCanFixit. That said, how many "average" users would be comfortable "taking ownership" of Windows System Files and deleting them and then mucking about in their registry? Most of the folks around here, in the small rural community where I retired, don't even know what a "registry" is. I really do think that the Wise Care programmers need to adopt the philosophy of physicians: "Do No Harm." My confidence in Wise Care has been seriously compromised by having this issue inflicted upon me. Thank goodness for UCanFixit, who persevered to find a solution to a problem which should never have occurred in the first place, according to my thinking. Thank you again, UCanFixit. You did fix it, not me. Fortunately I knew enough to be dangerous and had full confidence in UCanFixit's diagnosis and cure. Regards, -Phil
  16. UCanFixit/Xilolee: I have followed the steps outlined by UCanFixit and they did eliminate the sfc resource integrity violations resulting from Wise Care deleting, by default, the Sample Pictures. If others are going to follow UCanFixit's steps, note that if you are deleting the files and folders from the Explorer "Found Files" window, it was my experience that I had to refresh the screen (F5) after taking ownership and then deleting each file and folder in order for it to show that the deletion was successful. UCanFixit mentioned around 15 registry keys to be deleted. On my Windows 7 Pro x64 computer, I only found four or five "photosamples" keys to delete and a reboot was not necessary for the sfc to report no integrity violations. I will do the fix to my laptop later this afternoon, which is running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and if there are any changes to what I observed with my main computer, I will post them here. I still am of the opinion that Wise Care 365 should not be offering to delete the Sample Pictures, by default. If the programmers are going to continue that option, then they need to program in UCanFixit's steps behind the scenes to avoid having the user encounter Windows System Resource Integrity violations. One other note: The actual photos in the "Pictures\Public Pictures\Sample Pictures" do remain unaffected and undeleted for those who really love those photos ... not! I am very grateful to UCanFixit for his many hours of work and his expertise. This Forum is extremely fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to his fellow users. THANK YOU, UCANFIXIT!!! Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  17. Xilolee: With respect, it is unacceptable for reputable software to cause system resource integrity violations in Windows 7 by default. The opposite should occur. The software should warn the user that removing those files will cause sfc /scannow violations and Windows System Readiness Tool checksur.log violations. UCanFixit (thank you) and I have spent hours trying to resolve the issue that Wise Care caused to my laptop and my main tower computer. We still have not solved the "desktop.ini" system resource integrity violation affecting both of them. I have a friend's computer in here for virus (boot sector) and antimalware removal. I received it yesterday. I have had his computer here before and resolved his issues and also previously installed Wise Care on it. I have removed Wise Care from his computer today and I will removing it from all other computers that I come in contact with unless Lespeed fixes this problem. It is too dangerous for the average user. It is difficult enough to diagnose what viruses and malware have done to Windows system resource integrity without having to examine cbs.log and checksur.log files for unnecessary violations caused by Wise Care. The amount of space saved by deleting those Sample files is not at all commensurate with the consequences to the user and to those trying to assist the user. I will leave Wise Care 365 Pro on both my computers for the time being (I have three licences), but it will be uninstalled if the programmers think that the current behaviour of their program does not need to be corrected. I am certain that UCanFixit and I would both like to be reimbursed for our time and trouble trying to fix the damage done by Wise Care ... and we are not there yet. The program obviously has authority to remove files from protected areas of the Windows system. To copy the files back, I had to take ownership way down in the bowels of the winsxs folder. This is well beyond the knowledge of your average user who is obviously trusting that if Wise Care recommends something, like deleting the Samples, it is safe to do. I don't think Windows is at fault. We could have a philosophical discussion forever on whether Microsoft should have made those files so important to system integrity, but the bottom line is that they did and the Wise Care programmers should have known that and not offered to remove them, by default. I realize that you are a Moderator and not a representative of Lespeed, but I am sure you would not be happy if it happened to your computer. I only learned of this "default behaviour" because it was identified to me as a possible cause of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) not successfully completing an anti-rootkit scan on my laptop. Windows would report that MBAM had stopped working. Ultimately, the missing Sample Pictures turned out not to be cause but it wasted a lot of time for me and the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removal experts, and it still is. After exhaustive analysis in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Removal Forum, it was ascertained that my laptop was not infected and that it seemed to be related to an "architectural" issue with my particular DELL model of laptop. An MBAM beta release solved the issue and it had been reported to them from some other users with a similar issue and they fixed the issue. That is what one expects. If a problem is identified, then the company should respond. As UCanFixit has stated, the programmers at Wise Care can replicate this issue on any Windows 7 computer if they take the time. There is a huge base of Windows 7 users out there, like myself, who want nothing to do with Windows 8/8.1. I publicly commend UCanFixit for his contributions to this Forum and also for taking hours of his time, behind the scenes, in private messages, to try to help me repair the damage incurred to my two computers because I trusted Wise Care's defaults. I have several licences for Piriform CCleaner Pro and that will be my cleaner of choice for now, as it was until someone I respected suggested that Wise Care was better. CCleaner has never caused any Windows system resource integrity violations in the years that I have used it. In my humble opinion, Wise Care needs to fix this issue, pronto. Their cleaning defaults are just too aggressive. Respectfully Submitted, -Phil
  18. Xilolee: The original checksur.log did show the sample pictures and associated .dll and ini files missing, but it is long gone (think Wise Care deleted that too). On my main computer, the checksur.log shows no errors, but after following the advice provided by UCanFixit, sfc still can't resolve the "desktop.ini" file. You can tell from the attached "sfcdetails.txt" files that I have been running scans most of the day, trying to fix the problem. On my laptop, after I deleted "desktop.ini", checksur reports that file is missing and it cannot be repaired by sfc. I will reinstate that file, but restoring it will result in the previous condition that sfc reports the desktop.ini file is an uncorrectable system resource integrity violation. I am guessing some registry keys were hit by Wise Care that will have to be discovered and restored. I am most grateful to UCanFixit for all of his help, and I deleted the laptop "desktop.ini" file as his request to see if Windows would recreate a good version, but it hasn't so I will put it back for now. Wise Care needs to deal with this serious issue on a priority basis. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil sfcdetails.txt
  19. Wisecleaner_Admin: I am the user that UCanFixit is referring to me and he has been going above and beyond to try to help me to undo the damage done by Wise Care. The deletion of the Sample Pictures causes the System File Checker (sfc) Windows utility to report uncorrectable system resource integrity violations. I, and UCanFixit, have spent hours trying to undo the damage, so far unsuccessfully. By default, Wise Care removes those sample pictures and both of my computers are affected. I FULLY support UCanFixit's request. No reputable cleaning software should cause, by default, Windows 7 system resource integrity violations. In fact, a reputable cleaner would warn the user, if he or she did check the box to remove the sample photos, that system resource integrity violations will result. Until this is fixed, I will revert back to using my CCleaner Pro program. At least it NEVER caused system resource integrity violations. I consider the current Wise Care approach to this serious issue to be unacceptable. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  20. Thank you for all of your assistance. This being the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I am committed to other priorities for the next day, I will get back with a checksur.log on Wednesday. I really do appreciate your help. I am convinced that the registry is damaged and I do have hidden files unchecked. If you say the desktop.ini file is there, UCanFixit, I will unhide even protected operating system files to see the desktop.ini file is there since you say it was included and re-run the sfc if it finds the desktop.ini.file. It is good to have such support and it is much appreciated. Unfortunately, due to timing, I am unable to respond as quickly as I would like. Have a great day. Will report back on Wednesday. Regards, -Phil
  21. UCanFixit: I copied your version of the sample photos into the Public Pictures\Samples Pictures folder. I copied your version of sampleres.dll to the System32 folder. Turns out there was already a copy with the same time and date in the System32 folder, but I let it overwrite with your version. There is one missing file "desktop.ini" which was not in your 7z package and which sfc is reporting as corrupt or missing. I am attaching the latest cbs.log file and the sfcdetails.txt file that I created this afternoon, which report no improvement in the situation, despite your best efforts, which were, and are, much appreciated. I tried to rename the cbs.log file to "cbs.txt" since the Forum won't accept to upload ".log" files, but it exceeded the 2 MB limit, so I have zipped it. I had to download PeaZip to open your 7z file. I use Secure Zip and I guess my version is getting on in years, because it wouldn't touch your 7z file. From what I can see, the latest version supports .RAR, but no mention of 7z. I became aware of this issue when Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium 2.0.2 could no longer successfully complete a scan when Anti-Rootkit scanning was enabled; otherwise it ran fine. Windows would report that MBAM had stopped working and it was checking for a solution. I ran an sfc and discovered these errors. I had run Wise Care the week before and had not run MBAM since. Prior to that MBAM worked just fine. I must have forgotten to uncheck not to delete all the Windows Sample Pictures, which I normally do, and which, as I have stated, I regarded as a nuisance, even more so now that it is provoking resource integrity violations, I first posted in the MBAM Help Forum and they had me run FARBAR scans and post the results. It was their opinion that either ParetoLogic or Wise Care had damaged my registry. There have been no Paretologic products on my computers in well over a year, before I even purchased MBAM, so that leaves Wise Care as a suspect. I was then referred to the MBAM Malware Removal Forum to determine if the laptop might be infected. After much scanning and testing and posting of results, the conclusion was that the computer was clean. The problem of MBAM not completing an anti-rootkit scan was resolved by me downloading and installing their latest beta version last week. I am certain that the computer is not in any way infected. I am running Windows 7 HP x64 SP1 fully updated, Bitdefender 2015 Total Security, MBAM Premium (Beta), and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium, all updated to the latest databases/versions. I continue to think that somehow in removing the sample pictures, WiseCare deleted, or modified, registry entries relating to the pictures. The only other cause I can think of right now is that the missing "desktop.ini" is causing sfc to fail because it contains pointers to the pictures and the .dll. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The laptop is fully functional. I just don't like having Windows report errors with my OS. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil sfcdetails.txt CBS.zip
  22. Xilolee: Per your request, I am attaching the cbs.log file and the sfcdetails.txt files. The Forum told me I could not upload a cbs.log file, so I renamed it to cbs.txt. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but it has been a very busy week for this old guy. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil sfcdetails.txt CBS.txt
  23. UCanFixit: Thank you for your advice. I have run the Windows System Update Readiness Tool and the checksur.log reports the same eight files missing. It has been over a month since I first discovered this issue and I have no idea when WiseCare took out the files, so a system restore is not really an option for me. I also am unwilling to attempt a Windows Repair, since it could sideswipe updated drivers, of which I have more than a few, at least not for the sake of some sample photos which are not affecting the functionality of the laptop. When I get it fired up on Friday, I will check to see if the Windows Media features are turned on and report back with the sfcdetails.txt. The checksur.log is now long gone, having been deleted by WiseCare I presume. Not really happy that WiseCare creates SFC violations by default. Should be the reverse. WiseCare should be warning users if a proposed "clean" is going to cause SFC resource integrity violations. Have a great day, and thanks again. Regards, -Phil
  24. Xilolee: The cbs.log is on my laptop, which I am not using right now. I am on my main computer. I will post the sfcdetail.txt file, plus the cbs.log file, on Friday, if not before. Have a great day, and thanks for your interest. Regards, -Phil
  25. I recently had an issue with my laptop when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium could no longer complete an anti-rootkit scan successfully. That issue is since resolved; however, in the process of trying to identify the cause, I ran an "sfc /scannow" from an elevated command prompt and it found eight errors that it could not fix. WiseCare had, by default, eliminated the Windows Sample Pictures, a sampleres.dll file, and a desktop.ini file from that folder. I found a source for the photos and copied them back and also found the .dll file and copied it back to the Sample Pictures folder. The sfc errors persist. Obviously WiseCare deleted some registry keys. Can this be fixed? I would like to recommend that WiseCare not take any actions, by default, that cause sfc resource integrity violations. I hope someone has a cure for this issue and that WiseCare will correct this problem with a future release. Thank you and have a great day. Regards, -Phil
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